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[Beatless] Episode 11 impressions

Episode 11
"Dystopia game"

Oh boy! I can't wait to see my favorite Humanoid robot anime with the 2 other people that still watch the show.
This Week on AMC's The Walking Robot
  • Underage Driving and You! Why you shouldn't let kids drive.
  • More "hIE aren't real people" talk
  • 12 Reasons why this show is on fire... oh wait that's just the mall
Really glad to see AMC went with a more active approach to the zombies. Giving them more actions than just slowly walking up to you really ups the "freight" factor. Baseball Bat Zombie especially was a real homerun character this episode.
Oh good! Arato finallly said that he loves Lacia. Now we can get the Robot x Human relationship this series has been building up.
Good episode. Series keeps getting better.

I'm only watching this dumpster fire of a show because I don't drop sesonal anime. Have to say, though, I'm tempted to do so right now...

I stopped around episode 8. Such a shame, had so much potential. I just can't identify what causes the lack of interest. I guess it's just rushed execution?

It's sad, cause it keeps getting better..

It is absolutely getting better. I enjoy some of the themes it has going, which seem to try and tackle what our own future might be like because we are not all that far from it. I understand that this is not a groundbreaking anime but it is still enjoyable and can be thought provoking.

I think I might be the only one who remotely likes this show. I guess someone has to.
I just remembered Shiori and Ryo are siblings. It shows, too, since Ryo is inevitably going to be manipulated by Methode just like Shiori was. I'm not sure why Watarai is surprised at Lacia destroying her owner-thing - Snowdrop has actively rejected attempts at him becoming her owner, and Kouka has managed fine without one.
It seems next week we'll see Saturnus/Mariage for the first time in a while.

≫I think I might be the only one who remotely likes this show. I guess someone has to.
Honestly I enjoy the philosophical tech talk especially sense aside from the obviously absurd stuff these are things we'll probably have to deal with in our lifetimes. We don't get enough shows that focus on these kind of more grounded near future topics. There's a lot of interesting themes and discussions to be found but unfortunately you've got to deal with some bs to get to it(robo zombies lmfao, they even go to a mall dead rising style.)
P.S. I'd bet what really hurt viewer count (besides a slow start) is the fucking insanity of having TWO recaps before you even get to the halfway point. Gtfo with that shit.

Yeah, the recaps are unwanted, but from what I've heard they don't count to the total number of episodes (i.e we're getting 24 episodes + recaps), so that's some small comfort.

Yeah the recaps are a separate thing but still. You have a slow start and when things start to get interesting and I'm like "ok I'm actually looking forward to the next episode" and their like "tough shit here's a recap, TWICE." Well ain't that wonderful. In the grand scheme it doesn't matter but it doesn't help weekly engagement at all. I mean fuck me the next season of shows is already airing and this isn't even halfway through lmao.

I’m the type of watcher that gets super emotionally and physically invested in anything I watch, but fuck my ass bro this show is ass LMAO however, something about this episode got me excited. What lacia and ryo did this ep were cliche, but I enjoyed it. Man fuck this show, I’m gonna keep watching LOL

Ikr. This show is like a horrible accident unfolding in front of my eyes. I know I should turn away but I keep watching anyways.

Really agree with your feeling
This ep is really bad but good enough to make me want to see the ending of this series

I wonder how many of use will be here until the last episode...Anyway finally the ship has sailed!!

Dude said he like his fem bot, fem bot destroy her registering device, no more ntr option, she belong to him exclusively now.

Best part of the episode is Yuka's magical shape-shifting ahoge in the next episode preview

Wasn’t it in a couple episodes ago when Watarai first met Ryo, his discussion was about if Ryo was really meeting with the real Watarai, and not just an hIE clone? Ryo seems unaffected to Watarai’s “death” , however; Méthode seems confident in obtaining a new owner which could mean she is throwing the real Watarai away for a better owner. AI survival of the fittest much?
Could Methode anticipate another betrayal with Ryo similar to that of Shiori in the future?

So, they became zombies because the main cloud was corrupted. Ironically, that's so human-like. If government is corrupted, you'll can also became a zombie via propaganda if your own mind is lost.
And who the heck is Marina?

Marina is the plot hIE from last arc, who had the same serial number as Lacia. Lacia interfered with transporting Marina to the Memeframe guys, but it was unclear what happened to her until now. Which is that Lacia apparently gave her a ninja personality module and made her an asset.

By the way I really like that the show keeps dropping various things morally ambiguous that Lacia did behind Arato's back, and mimics his reaction by completely ignoring those.

That part is really throwing me off. Lacia's been shown as manipulative and morally ambiguous from the first episode so I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop, but then nothing happens. Given Ryo's warnings, it must be building up to something, but there should've been consequences by now.
In this particular case, Arato's whole schtick is treating hIEs like humans, so he's the one who should be least okay with Lacia hacking into standard hIEs at will... on the other hand, he didn't seem especially moved by Watarai's beaten corpse, so maybe he doesn't actually give much moral weight to either humans or hIEs.

This show is listed as 24 episode but manga only has 12 chapters. I am going to assume that they are adding a ton a filler and original content?

The original source is a novel. The manga adapted the first two arcs and then stopped, but the anime seems to be adapting the whole novel.

Most of this episode was predictable, but I expected Ryo to actually team up with Watarai somehow before betraying him. It's not clear what he even did to help, while Watarai kept his end of the bargain since he didn't have Yuka shot even though Arato refused his terms. So I went back to check and it isn't actually said that Ryo was on the phone with Watarai, just someone who was after the other hIE, so he was probably teaming up with Methode from the start after all. (Meaning Watarai didn't bother shooting Yuka over his own principles?)
Either way now I really want to know how much he knows about what went on between Shiori and Methode.

People saying this show is terrible but what other show has robot zombies and a robo-waifu who actually has mutual feelings and andddd! also don't forget the best part of the show....
I am of course talking about our favorite "tsundere" Ryou who just can't admit he wants Arato.

To what i see, Ryo is trying to "save" his "human ego" because when kid he leave Arato to dead.

This was actually a good eps, and honestly fuck everyone saying the show is shit and still coming back here every week


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