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[Beatless] Episode 10 impressions

Episode 10
"Dwellings and surroundings"

Let's be real, we're just watching for the cute Hie's lol.

Picked up the manga 4 years ago for it's stance with technology and philosophy. Wanted to read the novel but couldn't.
Pretty much fell in love with lacia not gonna lie, but every philosophical discussion so far (even today's, and the one where everyone was triggered for using Social Engineering as Analogue Hack) are pretty much interesting by themselves.
I may sound like I'm try to put a fake intellectual facade, but tbh we don't have many animes treating the subjects Beatless does, which is why I was pretty happy to see it's adaptation at the beginning of the cour.

I find it hilariously relevant that people got upset over the bad use of a term considering we just recently had several whistle blowers and the NS fucking A admit that Facebook is basically selling us out to be manipulated by third parties with deep pockets

I am a tech lawyer and this cuts straight into the key problems we might face in the future.

Interesting! Next 50 years or so you think? With the things I hear being done on AI research it fascinates me that this stuff can become reality one day. Only question is will we still be alive to see it.

AI research is the one big thing right now. Big tech companies are creating supersmart machine learning AIs which respond to human behaviors in different contexts. At the rate that they gather data on us right now, it won't even be 20 years until they have enough data to feed into machine learning algorithm to make something as smart as Mikoto. The challenge currently is gathering data of people in their daily lives. But with all the wearable techs and home techs that gather your data like Amazon echo, apple watches, and potentially smart headsets, this problem could be solved. In law we are exploring morality models for these AIs, either that or make them comply with current laws. At least you won't see robots with military - class weapons like Kuka or Lacia running around though. Although, imma say that creating something like Lacia having the capacity to gather data, crunch it and then issue real - time response to human behaviour is entirely possible. So long as your internet capacity is up to the task that is! Maybe we need something better than Google Fibre at least!

Ryou agrees to an attack as long as no human is harmed
Methode attacks and kidnaps Yuka

When will these kids learn never to trust shady adults.
Anyway I really found the talk between Arato and Watarai regarding AI really interesting.
A literal robot zombie? Makes sense. If there's a virus spreading in the behavioural management cloud or someone's tampering with it, turning them into mindless zombies seems like a good choice if they just want to spread chaos.

Ryo probably expected that part. Kidnapping Yuka and thereby removing her from the upcoming battles between super-intelligent, superpowered robots is a reasonable way of keeping her from harm. They don't have to hurt her; if Methode just grabbed Yuka and ran, Yuka couldn't do anything about it. Lock her in a room with snacks and she might not even be traumatised.

Do you REALLY think that he thought about it and that Methode will not do anything with her? lol Ryo is just an idiot that didn't learn any FUCKING THING with what happened with his sister lol Methode was the one who tried to kill her in the first place lol
TBH, i was hoping that Ryo and his sister would have died already, they are just 2 idiots....

≫Ryo is just an idiot that didn't learn any FUCKING THING with what happened with his sister lol Methode was the one who tried to kill her in the first place
That's sort of his hat though; he's the foolish and naive individual that refuses to acknowledge that machines might just be smarter than him. That for that matter, adults or anyone really around him, know better. Its an arrogance that defines his persona.

Okay, I did expect a sabotage, but I really didn't expect zombie robots.

It does make sense that the infected robots could be transmitting it through physical contact (by transferring petals in the absence of Snowdrop raining them down), but hIEs infecting other hIEs by biting them, and generally simulating a zombie outbreak scene... what.
The first episode also had an attempted horror scene that I thought felt flat, but with this I have to suspect the show is trying to be comedic with them instead.

That was a neat episode about hIEs and their actions.
Anyway, cute hIE stitch.

This was more meh then the one before the recap, but my main gripe is that Yuka is so fucking irritating, that I can barely stand it.
Arato's dad is a pretty okay fellow tho.

So those who stuck with this how is it? I dropped it at episode 4, but I think enough time passed that I can ask this question, did it get better?
I still find myself listening to the OP and the ED and Lacia was pretty cute too.

≫Lacia was pretty cute
Only reason I'm still watching it

Did they ever go back to Memeframe Industries?


It got better than it had been up to episode 4, but that doesn't mean it's recommendable necessarily.
Even though the hIE designs and some of the general tropes give the impression of an action shounen, instead the show really wants to be philosophical about the relationship between humans and AI technology, so it focuses more on dialogue and worldbuilding. Plot-wise there's a bunch of intrigue about the hIEs and what they're after and how they're manipulating people to get it, except we're still in the dark about that, so you'd have to take it on faith that the payoff is going to be worth it. Except the show hasn't given off a trustworthy impression so it'd be smarter to wait to see if anyone starts recommending it in the middle of the second cour.
Those aspects plus the robot designs are enough to keep me interested but I'm not exactly impressed.
It's entirely plausible that this worked better in novel form - certainly the first chapter seemed promising - but it's coming off awkwardly as an anime. I might just be overly optimistic about the book though - I want to like Beatless since it hits the right buttons and has some cool ideas, but the anime's execution is very much subpar.

Your description is exactly why I started Beatless and is the only reason I'm still watching.

Judging by number of comments per episode it's safe to assume that everyone dropped it. It's only episode 10 and there were 2 recaps already. It doesn't look good.

Yeah I was thinking the same thing, pretty unfortunate because it had potential, but I would rather be watching more fun things.

It's resoundingly meh.
According to MAL, the director has some pretty darn good anime's under his belt so I was thinking maybe this is all building into something, but it's just boring mediocrity week after week.
Two recap episodes didn't help, I don't know why they even exist, there's not a shred of complexity that would warrant review here.
Honestly I'm only watching for Kouka's scenes.

≫Two recap episodes didn't help, I don't know why they even exist, there's not a shred of complexity that would warrant review here.
Not every recap is made because of the difficulty of the story. I believe these are simply used because there are issues with the production of the actual show.

2 million yen for a bunch of clothes. The actual fck are those made off??? Unicorn pubes?

Not just clothes....
Snacks as well :)

Man, fuck this shit... The sister just did some shit and now the brother does the 'same' thing? SERIOUSLY? How can he help the people who tried to KILL his sister? lol fuck this shit again!
I really feel sorry for the MC, he really doesn't know how to choose friends lol

Yep. Robot zombies.
I am so glad I keep watching this show.


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