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At what point did the an anime become a 10/10 for you?

Inspired by a previous thread. What specific moment in an anime to you made it go from whatever score you had it, to a masterpiece?

The part long after it ended and my head is still filled to the brim with it. 

/thread honestly. I don't think there is any reason for an anime to be given the highest score if you've forgotten about it halfway through the next season.

My experience with Shinsekai Yori in a nutshell
There were some details I can't ignore, but overall I'm feeling a strong 9

Evangelion in a nutshell.

Gave it a 9 when I watched it, then I saw a couple of videos about it and rated it a 10.

I've done the same twice, I think.
That's why if I don't know what rating should I give, I try to find something to make me appreciate the anime more.

Sometimes it's when I start crying. Other times it's when I think "I want to see that again, right now."

The moment I heard Dio speak


Ran out of time, but here's when I decided most of my 10's were 10's.
  • K-On!! - First scene of the second season. Yui getting to school early and practicing by herself.
  • Your Name - "This too is Musubi" scene. Quote plays over incredibly vivid and vibrant shots of the forest.
  • Hunter x Hunter (2011) - Middle of Yorknew arc Kurapika vs Uvo.HYPE.
  • Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya - I'm John Smith!! aka Kyon's reunion with Haruhi   Catharsis to the extreme.
  • Madoka Magica - I was stupid, so stupid Wonderful character arc.
  • 5 Centimeters per Second - I wonder when I got into the habit of writing messeges to nobody That one hit me like a brick to the face because I had gone through the exact scenario myself.

≫Madoka Magica
My man!
Her character progression gets far too little respect around here

In K-on!!, it got my 10/10 approval during episode 20 where it somehow made me cry.

The moment Tsuki from Haikyuu got excited in the match against shiratorizawa. First time an anime ever made me physically shake from excitement.

This is my absolute favorite moment from Haikyuu. I really didn't like Tsukishima early on, which I guess you are supposed to, but seeing how far he had come was such catharsis.

This tbh. This show succeeded in giving me the perfect mixture of excitement and heart was always pounding on edge everytime Karasuno was up against a formidable opponent and the "let the games begin" OST was playing....and good god that last season's OP...let there be light indeed.

Samurai Champloo - The first fight between Mugen and Jin
Psycho-Pass - When the white-hair guy did the thing in the maze.
MHA season two - Deku vs Todoroki
Steins;Gate - Tuturu
FMA:B - Around episode 6 or 7
End of Evangelion: “How disgusting”
NGE: When Shinji got the big gay.

I watched Samurai Champloo because Nujabes did the soundtrack. It was a 10/10 by itself for me, but the music made it an 11/10.

Hajime No Ippo - Ippo vs Sendo
Hajime No Ippo: New Challenger - Takamura vs Bryan Hawk
Hajime No Ippo: Rising - Kamogawa's backstory
Koe No Katachi - Fireworks scene
Your Name - Sparkle Scene

sees hajime no ippo
Ah so you are man of honour

ippo vs sendo was the first scene to ever make me cry, it got me so off guard but the ending of that fight with the crowd really broke me down. Easily favorite moment of the show

End of Evangelion. Komm Susser Tod.

Episode 10 was definitely the turning point from, "this is really good," to, "this is probably a 10/10," for me with Madoka Magica.

Yep. EP10 was when I really felt like I'd not quite measured what I'd stepped into, and started to feel a little scared.

Bleach episode 60 when ichigo bankai's up.
Fate Zero, when they start doing kiritsugu's backstory

Fate Zero agree. That and the episode where little Rin goes ham are the best moments in the show.

All of episode 23 of Steins;Gate.

For me, Episode 22 was what raised it to a 10.

22 made it a 10, 23 made me realize it might be my favorite anime, and then 24 confirmed it.

Violet Evergardeen in "Loved Ones Will Always Watch Over You" final scene.
Tsuki ga kirei in "An Encouragement of Learning" when the anime shows the inconditional love of mother and son.
Koe no Katachi's final discussion between Shoko and Shoya in the bridge.
Garden of Words climax in the end.

Garden of Words was the first movie to have me genuinely sobbing for two characters on a screen

Assassination classroom season 2 with the second to last episode. I never cried that much with an anime
Psycho-pass when tsunemori had the hostage situation against makishima
Toradoras very last part of last episode
Owarimonogatari with the classroom scene at the beginning. Then it just got better and better until the very last episode of season 2. Beyond plot twist

I don't think Toradora is a 10, but if I did, the moment would have been the kiss earlier that episode. Holy cow... So good.

My Hero Academia - "You can be a hero". I thought, if a show can make a heartless guy like me nearly cry within two episodes, it's gonna be a masterpiece.

And then the fight at the end of season 1, holy shit

The show was always good in my eyes but "Shoto Todoroki: Origin" just had me clapping like a circus seal, I think that was the point where the show went from 'Great' to 'Amazing'.

gurren lagann: that one scene at the end of episode 8
Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru: Hachiman's monologue about nice girls
No Game No Life: the old king's backstory scene.
My Hero Academia: the end of the 2nd episode

And if the "I hate nice girls" monologue wasn't enough to convince you then the "I want something genuine" one certainly will lol

Konosuba - when best girl cast explosion on the frog.
Madoka Magica - when Homura did her very best. (became 11/10 for me then)
Chuunibyou - when Rikka strutted into the train like the most badass mf around town.

Hunter x Hunter - Chimera Ant last episodes.
FMA:B - When I couldn't stop myself from binging and rewatching.
Clannad:AS - When I cried (Flower fields). I thought I might have just gave the 10 for the feels so I saw it again knowing what was coming. Cried again, in the same scenes.
Disappearance of Suzumiya Haruhi - Kyon's choice
Jojo Part 4 - Kira escalating of my best guys of all time, no precise moment really.

In March Comes in Like a Lion it was the Obon episode.
In Sora Yori it was kinda gradual as I realized how fleshed out the characters actually were, but the end of episode 12 actually making me cry didn't hurt.
Mob Psycho 100 was like immediately a 10/10, it was love at first sight.
I think any pure CGDCT show I would give a 10/10 just immediately warms my cold jaded heart, like Yuru Camp, or Nonon Biyori, or Hidamari Sketch.

Non Non Biyori Repeat, candy store and Renge bicycle scene.

The second watch-through of Madoka when paying close attention to Homura's reactions through the first few episodes, in particular her expressions as she sees and talks with Madoka. Realizing how her history affected her reactions, and how it played so different a second time made that show so rewarding.
For my favorite series -- I cannot call it a 10/10, but I can say it has had the most impact on me of all -- Seraph of the End hit me when Mika and Yuu meet up. The powerful, confused, hurt and shocked reaction from the two of them made that show special. I've watched it all the way through at least 4 times and I always find something new to appreciate. Shinoa, in particular, is a special treat.
A second flawed but favorite is Sword Art Online's reunion at the end of Season 1. The emotional reactions of the voice actors and characters is perfectly matched and so intense. The end of Season 2 (Mother's Rosario) is my favorite storyline in any anime.

FMAB around episode 6-ish. Only got better after that.
Assassination Classroom: After the first episode tbh.
Noragami: it became a 10 in season 2.
Steins Gate: upon finishing the series. With Steins Gate, you really need to get all the pieces and fully digest the story in its entirety to fully appreciate just how much of a masterpiece it was. It builds it's 10 piece by piece, plot point by plot point.
My Hero Academia: steadily built up to a 10 during the first season.

Gintama was a 9/10 honestly until the 2015 season which really shows the amazing foreshadowing Sorachi has done which made the first season a 10 as well. I rated the second season 10 anyway as it was extremely good even on its own but the 2015 season made the first one a 10 as well.

Sora Yori mo Tooi Basho
Probably the moment halfway through the last episode. I was laughing and crying at the same time, and an email popped up confirming that I had passed the IT cert that Yorimoi had inspired me to buckle down and finally go for.
It is to date the only anime I have given a 10/10. When a show hits you hard enough to not only be emotional and entertaining, but change your outlook on life and career prospects, it deserves it.


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