Wednesday, April 25, 2018

[Amanchu! Advance] Episode 3 impressions

Episode 3
"The Story of the Pro and the Expert of Happiness"

Teko and Pikari...the most underrated pair of the season.
I love these two whenever they are together. A beautiful episode of diving and friendship.
Real question: Am I fantasizing when I sort of see more than just friendship between them? I'm genuinely curious as to if anyone else has got that impression as well.
They definitely turned up the yuri undertones, but they were already strong in season 1 as well.
These are the episodes where Amanchu and its message really shine for me. I love the images Teko and Pikari have of each other in their mind's eye. Each with their opposing optimistic and pessimistic viewpoints balance the other out in the perfect way. Each showing the other a side that they can admire and look up to. Add that onto Teko's theme of coming into your own, and you get a great episode today.
More diving too! We've gotten in the ocean every episode this season and I'm loving it. Hope it keeps it up.
Yeah, you won't hear me say anything bad about Teko not wanting to go diving at night, that seems scary af.

Someone should get a HD capture of this for a good wallpaper...
And new girl next episode hype!
It's definitely intimidating, but the rewards are worth the bravery of getting past that intimidation. It's a whole different world at night out in the water. Different species of fish and the dark makes it feel like you're in a whole new place, even if you've been diving that site for awhile.
Having Teko do the navigation training the same episode as introducing the night dives was a really fun decision, because knowledge and trust in your navigation equipment is very important for night dives.
My favorite night dive story has to be when during my second night dive. At the site we went to, the current was always bad, even if the sea was calm. So to get past that, you had to go through a bit of a valley of rock for about 10-15 meters. It was fairly narrow so only one diver could go through at a time. I was second to go in a group of 8 so once I reached the end I had some time to kill waiting. While there I remember pointing my light straight up and a small fish went into the beam. Maybe an inch long and a little transparent. Then another, and then another, and then soon enough most of my light beam was FILLED with these tiny fish, swimming fast and dancing with each other in the light! It was so pretty, and I wish someone brought a camera.
≫And new girl next episode hype!
Next week we be Flying Witch, boyz! Silence your mandrake and get your comfy on!

≫Yeah, you won't hear me say anything bad about Teko not wanting to go diving at night, that seems scary af.
Like, she just learned how to orientate herself, give the girl a break!
definitely try it out once in your lifetime if you ever get the chance.

I did this once as a kid, seems so long ago that it seems like in a dream...
but the a tropical ocean floor is simply amazing, the range of colors it can have compared to daylight is stunning.

Sure, pointing your lightbeams on a shark seems scary at first, but as a diver you learn quickly that they just get annoyed and will swim away.

The highlights of night diving is to encounter sea life that you will not see in daylight (because they hunt at night, like octopus or sharks) and the luminescent plankton that dance around like tiny discolights if you stirr them!
 More Sensei is always good
She's the bestest of girls!
I wonder how many confused people there are from that preview.
They showed that kinda stuff in the pre-season PVs already so not like they've been hiding it so far.
I'm interested how it's handled, though. I never liked that aspect of Aria all that much so hoping for the best...
I was like "why did the show scenes of Flying Witch??? That's a different comfy show"
So great to see Teko overcome everything with her determination, now she just has to realize further than she is making it happen herself and not dwell on her insecurity.
I catch myself smiling hard at the end of each episode.
title drop
Imagine Aria title dropping each season.
Well untill now I didnt know what the advance meant
Same, I'm just still wondering what Origination and Natural are supposed to refer to.
Totally guessing, but origination maybe refers to them starting a new life, and natural might refer to them being a natural at it?
The thing that bothers me the most about this anime is that they let octopus and gauge just dangle. Don't do that! You'll a) might damage some corals and b) will use more energy and air by making your body less aerodynamic.
We've had skinfangs, now it's time for ... skinlashes? What.

Good episode. Probably the most direct articulation of Pikari and Teko's relationship. Teko is scared to try new things, but Pikari helps her through them and helps her feel better about herself. It's great. I love these two.
The atmosphere of this anime always makes me feel like I'm there. I can feel the ocean breeze and the early morning air right before a sunrise. It's such a nice feeling.


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