Thursday, April 19, 2018

[Amanchu! Advance] Episode 2 impressions

Episode 2
"The Story of Midsummer and Sparkling Eyes"

So the new "girl" is obviously a boy right?
I thought that but she seemed to be wearing some top under her shirt and why wouldn't her parents name a boy Kokoro???
Kokoro, you look a lot like a girl, but I'm not buying it. You seem fishy, I can't put my finger on what makes me think you aren't a girl.
Stitches today:
Pikari yukata
Teko yukata
Otouto and Ane in jinbei
Am I the only one a little sad because the eel was just treated like a villain? Poor thing just wanted lunch.
A guy's gotta eat after all.
It's not like the eel wouldn't be doing something similar with its own eggs!
yo, am i the only one who thought those fireworks were FUCKING SPECTACULAR? I don't think they have ever looked this good in REAL LIFE let alone anime! Where do i find who did those?
I don't know if it's bias from just watching videos, but a lot of Japanese fireworks tend to be super vibrant (just look at 1:23) which makes them look pretty cool.
Or maybe it's because here in the good ol' US of A, we don't want pretty, we want B I G.
This series is too pure. Kokoro is probably a guy. Wanting to be manly, being embarrassed by her name. Totally a guy. We'll see though. I like her so far but she kinda came out of nowhere with how much screen time she got. Almost feels like she was shoehorned in.
As a guy with a feminine name I can totally relate to Kokoro being embarrassed
Leslie Nielsen and Marion Morrison agree
That last scene I was thinking, "look at all that takoyaki."
I'm a bad person.
wait what is amanchu? she said "aint amanchu-ya just the best?" ?
Amanchu-ya is the name of the diving joint Grandma runs with Pikari.
Im so confused, are the characters able to breathe underwater? They seemed to be talking underwater without choking. But then there's the fact that they use scuba gear to deep sea dive?
Any kind of voices underwater was just their thoughts. They can't breathe underwater, which is why they had to keep on resurfacing.
That was a lovely little moment between Pikari and Kokoro there, teaching him/her/I don't know the harshness of ocean life and ecology, but also the beauty it can bring about. Now, can they just keep away so Pikari and Teko can have some more beautiful moments to themselves?
We also got tiny Katori-sensei and Ai's massive curls, so this was a good episode.
They really did go all out with those fireworks and the yukatas were very cute, even if I was a little disappointed that Sensei didn't wear one. Though the flashback was adorable and it was nice little character moment for her, which I didn't expect to see.
I fear Teko has just run into the downside of falling for a manic pixie dream girl like Pikari.
every episode is so relaxing!!
Great episode again, loved the fireworks. Pikari is being treasured by everyone.
Her face use was funny as fuck here xD
The last scene was just wonderful.



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