Thursday, April 12, 2018

[Amanchu! Advance] Episode 1 impressions

Episode 1
"The Story of One Summer Night and a Confession"

Our first face for the show
amanchu no
is that an aria reference i smell
YES IT WILL amanchu don't you dare step out of line
rip in pikari
everyone looking for fanservice ffs
too close for comfort
am i invited
more aria references i guess
asking again am i invited
my god those eyes
that familiar voice...
oof maa-shachou
woah there
whoop new girl next episode
comf and full of aria references what's not to love

The reaction faces still haven't gotten old for me yet.
I don't get the Aria reference from grilled rice balls though..

Not really a direct reference but Akira's grilled rice balls come to mind.

More relaxing scuba-diving friendship stories with beautiful landscapes and weird-shaped cats!
I have a high expectation of this season 2, as season 1 skipped some diving manga chapters that should be animated now.
Glad this episode featured diving apart of the silly/funny situations, the sea is beautifully animated and last season barely had any.

Important note:
The episode 1 of season 2 is following the OVA events.
So people that didn't saw it would be confused as to why Pikari knows Teko's friends and why is she talking of an occasion where they met in the past.
Unlike other anime that have OVAs as unrelated events that are never mentioned in the main story, here the OVA works as a bridge between both seasons and it's events are important on season 2.

Man, I forgot just how delightfully gay this show is and I'm glad to have it back! A really nice way to start this horrible, gloomy morning.

≫I forgot just how delightfully gay this show is
Was it this much in the first season too ? Not complaining, anyway...

Yes, yes it was.

Oh my god the ending scene on the pier.... swoons

Teko: I've come to love all the same things that you love.
Pikari: Does that mean you also love yourself?
Me: screaming

I'm glad this show is back
Ane-chan senpai, still too hot for this anime

Ane-san with her hair down is the ultimate fanservice.

Pikari and Teko are so gay for each other, I love it. I've missed Amanchu so much, thank goodness it's back.
Ane still being the hottest girl in the show, oh how I missed you senpai!
Cha and his friend are so adorable.
HEY! I don't know who that new girl is from the PV but I will slay her if she gets in between my two strawberries. jk... maybe

I teared up hearing Saito Chiwa and Hazuki Erino guesting this episode as Chizuru and Akane. Wasn't expecting them to come back (at least this early on), so the whole time I was just like AHHH!!!!
That was a great start to S2, though I really hope Makoto gets to do anything other than get physically abused for laughs this season.
Also, today must be a fantastic day for Suzuki Minori. Two of her new songs debut in Amanchu and Cardcaptor Sakura, and she even gets to share the OP/ED billing with Sakamoto Maaya this time (who she's a diehard fan of).

Oh man hearing the voice actors for Aika and Akari come back and do their classic Aria quips... And also that last shot pan away into the word, "Orange," please, my heart.

Man, I truly adore all of the characters in this anime. But this girl, in particular...

She keeps my heart warm and tingly. When the first season was airing, she has kept me and my mind sane. I'm happy to have her keep me sane again this season lol. But man, I can't help but ask her, "How are you feeling?" or "Are you okay?" after this episode finished. Even though she was with the twins, I sensed a lot of loneliness from her without Teko. Hopefully I'm just overreacting. But yea, I hope she can grow as much as Teko did in the first season.

I love whenever they throw in Aria stuff in here.
Maa-shachou and an Orange Planet pillow!

I didn't realize how much I missed Pikari until I heard that first "Whoop!".

Aw, the warm fuzzies are back again! As someone with pretty strong thalassaphobia it's always an interesting experience trying to smile at the cute antics while simultaneously cringing away from the deep dark ocean at the same time!

Yes this is the right thing to watch after Darling in the FranXX.

I watched Amanchu years ago and barely remember it. Do I need to watch it again to understand the sequel?

Friendship between two girls, they learn diving and meet two other people. plot mostly done.

Without realizing it at first or intending it, I sat thoughout the whole episode with a stupid permanent smile on my face.
God, I'm so happy Amanchu is back I want to cry it out loudly <3 <3 <3

Our dear Futaba has grown... I still remember her being a bunch of nerves in the first season. She's now a proper little resoluted lady now, forged by the purest love. <3
How can't you love every single fraction of this episode? And the Aria references were like the sweetest cherry I could desire.
Kozue Amano's works are so dear to me. The fact Amanchu came back was the happiest thing I could desire in this moment of my life.

Yeah the Pikari smile was on my face for the entire episode too.

Yay!! Everyone's favorite Yuri couple are back.

I forgot how goofy Pikari's head is when it gets bloated into Whoopyo mode. That first scene of it freaked me out.
Is Azusa sneaking into another diving anime or just someone with her hairstyle? Thought I saw her being served by Teko, then I thought I saw her again next to Akane.
Yay, cozy gay girls are back. And a new one next episode

Let the wishful yuri hype train commence!!!
I honestly don't know if it'll go there. I think their "daisuki's" were just friendly ones, for now at least, but a girl can dream XD

Oh my god yes!
I was giggling like a little girl the entire 20 mins.

yuri divers are back \(^O^)/

UPYO!! The comfy returns with Amanchu! season 2 and it's just as great as before!

I'm gonna need more Arizona for that one, comfy days are back


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