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[3D Kanojo: Real Girl] Episode 4 impressions

Episode 4
"About My Dark Times"

Ouch. Even Tsutsui's mom doesn't trust his sincerity. If there was ever a need for more evidence Iroha is a keeper, and Itou an awesome friend, there it is.

Takanashi is such a scumbag. Tsutsui's description of him was spot on. He doesn't care about any of the damage his slander is causing, but now that his sister is sad he'll probably regret it.

I really hope this doesn't turn into a redemption arc where Takanashi learns the error of his ways and becomes a regular side character. Guy deserves all the terrible things that in a just world should be coming to him.

Takanashi appears multiple times in the OP (What caught my eye was how he appeared in the background of scene where the characters are dressed like early 20th century European nobility, and he's in a stereotypical anime prince pose), so he might get a redemption arc. I don't know?

that's the worst part of "anime" , and then they became "friends", life is not like that , people don't apologize / admit their wrong doing , and even if they did the resentment never fades away, i don't know a person who would become "friends" with someone like that after being bullied .

I am legit angry right now. Like that blonde dude can go die in a fire. He basically did the worst thing he can do to a person. I really hope his little sister will start hating him and he basically has no chance with Iroha anymore since his sister basically spilled everything in front of her.

I actually want to read the manga now just so I can know what will happen next. This will legit bother me for the rest of the day >_<

God I'm heated, I really hope this all blows up in that assholes face.

≫I actually want to read the manga now
Already started to read. I have no patience at all… Strangely enough, this is the only anime of this season which urged me to read the source.

this episode just felt really weird. the whole situation was weird. the mood was weird. the seriousness of the situation was weird.

agreed, it felt cringy how tsutsui handle the situation he's in. I mean come on, there's no reason to isolate yourself from your friend or girlfriend especially when they believe in you.

His friend and girlfriend would be associating with a lolicon... There is a reason. Not to mention those 2 people don't have other friends so they won't be able to dispel the misunderstanding by spreading the truth.

For once, finally!!! Someone in an anime has had maths problems that hasn't been resolved with the sentence 'you use this equation here'.
This is it boys, anime has reached its peak, its all downhill from here

lol, knew this would get the fans riled up, fuck that guy for what he did, called him a pedo for helping out his sister.

This is one of the very few shows this season i really look forward to everytime. There's no real telling what's gonna happen and i like it.
Helps that i like both MC's a lot.
But that blonde dude can fuck off, such a low thing to do and i hope he suffers from it.

I can't quite put my finger on it, but for some strange reason I feel weirdly attracted to Igarashi and if it wasn't for her I wouldn't enjoy the show at all I don't think. What is she doing to my maiden heart....

Best girl of the season confirmed?

I am way too indecisive to choose but one best girl. I am willing to accept each and every one of these angels.

There's nothing strange about why I'm attracted to her.

Shit, that was really hard to watch. I hate it when the show has the world against this guy.
And his poor brother too.

Noo. Episode too short, didn't get to the part that fuckboi gets whats coming to him.
And I only got a small taste of satisfaction when Iroha shunned him. I want more
Forget cringe and sweet, this episode was angry and indignation.

I guess I have to forgive the lucky coincidence of the two younger kids being friends, but I really don't like this kind of plot shortcut.

Beyond the downright evil behavior of the blonde guy (although Tsutsun actually starts it by suggesting a similar slander, though there is no evidence he would actually do it), being willing to suck it up and even protecting friends from the social stigma is a really tough situation.

I hope we see a consequence for what happened to the perpetrator, or else this becomes a mere plot device to show how poorly Tsutsun thinks of himself instead of a more meaningful message about how selfish behavior, bullying and personal responsibility play out in social situations.

This show might be over exaggerating about otaku being so gross to the other people, but it has a painful relateable side of the problems of being a gloomy nerdy guy, some of which I had to experience in my own life.
I used to be a gloomy guy a bit close to Tsutsui with self-confidence problems, and I got bullied a bit. I was and still not good physically built (same like Tsutsui - okay looking, but pretty weak physically). I was not strong enough to fight people and didn't have the required experience, so I was always avoiding conflict and trouble (I am pretty much still is and being successful at that as the most damage I had in my life is breaking my arm and getting bitten in the face by some big dog at the age of 7, whose owner didn't watch properly and didn't warn that the dog doesn't like kids). I had friends and people with whom I had contact, but still I used to be pretty unsocial. But then I had that changing moment, when I had to move out of the city to the countryside and had to finish school there. At the new school I was met by good people (both students and teachers) that helped me regain my self-confidence and social abilities. Can't say I was close to them, because I was and still is quite a nerd, but I was able to feel myself standing on the same ground as them and did even excel sometimes (because I was actually quite a talented person in some spheres). That really helped me to overcome my problems a lot and I was able to become a normal (nerdy, though) guy, that is able to talk freely with people.
So basically this episode hit me a bit on a personal level and I think it's true, that you need people who trust you and are able to show you your own abilities and positive sides. That's why I feel that both Tsutsui and Iroha are quite relateable and respect Iroha for her relationship with him.
Didn't actually expect Takanashi to be that much of scumbag, though. The sister is not better than him, even if she still little. I hope she will tell everyone the truth in the end.

People tend to underestimate how hard it is to get out of self-imposed isolation. Especially when you've never had a proper friendship before.
I was never quite able to get out of that...

Not even his mom believes he's not a lolicon, that hurts.
I love the Iroha-Tsutsun relationship, these two are too good.

I'm torn between liking this show and hating this show. I can't seem to find a middle ground and the back and forth is getting exhausting 😦

A lot of people say the pacing is too fast or unrealistic but its anime I say its good idk if anyone else would agree.
I have seen my fair share of romance anime (like basically all the popular ones) and cant really tell that there are cliche like some people are saying.
The show so far is good imo but I might be bias cause I can relate to it

By far the best episode so far.

The first thing I really like is how his insecurity now actually make sense, this bishonen guy who is good at everything comes and beats you up and say he will steal your girlfriend, YES now you can sit at home and sulk. Last week it really felt like he was just self-loathing for no reason but now its a huge reason for it.

On the other hand do, this anime does one of the most romance comedy standard tropes ever, person A has no trust in Person B love for them. Why would she just pick the other guy man? she clearly does not care about looks etc, and you know shes intelligent, a very rational and calm. Like we all knew she was not gonna freak out over this false crime, so why would she just fall over the guy she was easily gonna reason was behind the false report. That does annoy me a lot, how he is such a trope on that, zero trust what so ever in his girlfriend, becasue it just seems like he has no understanding what so ever on his girlfriends personality and so on.

Anyway, Evil player guy will likely confess to the school to save littel anzus love and then he will befriend them as he is cosplaying in the opening.

Loved how the mom was believing this false accusations so easily.

Oh god you're gonna hate the next episode.

probably, this anime does make me annoyed on a lot stuff...

It's a great relationship tho

The story and arcs are pretty good. If you can look past the animation the story is not bad.

Man being accused for something I didn't do would piss me off to no end. It broke my heart that Tsutsui gave up so easily because of his past experience. I believe he made a logical choice to do so, because he'd just end up hurt more if he put up a fight.

This episode made me sad. Very sad.

ah, my least favorite storyline from the manga...


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