Friday, April 20, 2018

[3D Kanojo: Real Girl] Episode 3 impressios

Episode 3
"About the Time Normies Made Me Even Worse."

This show is so unexpectedly great. Way to fucking relatable at times, (except for the having a hot gf part, that is) great characters and very good comedic timing. Much better than I thought it would be. Also the characters communicate better than most romance shows, or at least in a more realistic way. Still not perfect and his awkwardness really shines, but it's more "genuine bad communication" than the typical over the top sort of bad communication. Also I really hope cat ears dude finds someone, I feel for him man.

Ishino got introduced in this episode, and I'm already liking her. The way she just understands Iroha and doesn't hold it against her, and the way Iroha went about defending her honor, that was great.

Iroha was like "I'm okay if you're happy, I'm really okay if you're happy, but you're not happy."

You don't do stuff like that if you don't care about them.

I-I think I'm starting to like this show... The addition of a new girl feels like it helped. Also I really like that Iroha doesn't keep things vague. She says what she feels and why she's upset. I like that. If anything it's Tsutsun who's pretty hard to understand in their relationship. But it makes sense since he's an otaku who's still not used to being in a relationship.

≫I-I think I'm starting to like this show.

Yeah right ? It is weird.. I was close to dropping it but now I found my self rather invested in this ep.
I can't pin it down but I guess I like this show.

Yeah... I'm still torn apart between cringing from second-hand embarassment & laughing at the awkwardness, but I think I probably won't drop this show.

I find myself smiling a lot during this anime and I think it has a lot to do with open Iroha is. She doesn’t seem to internalize her emotions and cause problems as a result of it. Instead she’s open about her feelings and actually talks, which seems surprising rare in these types of shows.

I don't want to be the bad guy, but I'm really afraid that she's so honest because she's not going to "move away in 6 months".

Lol wtf she slipped on a banana? I dont know why I laughed so hard at that.

It's the oldest trick in the book.
Still works

It was great comedic timing, and the splat was so satisfying.

His mom is so typical… mom. But it's really nice to see real parents.

I like this anime

It's got some well-written characters.

I maintain that I love the main girl character.
She is such an amazing girlfriend, it's fantastic. I love those characters that doesn't give a flying fuck about public opinions and do/say the things that they deem right.

I like that it is so fast paced.

When bae says that she likes guys who cook.
Loved this episode, I also liked Ishino's character, that guy deserved Iroha's bag attack after being just evil to her even if she liked him a lot.

I laughed so hard at his instant response to that. "I like guys who cook." "Well, guess it's time to bake." It's so refreshingly honest and relatable. I almost lost my shit when he accidentally vocalized "I don't know how to express my affection otherwise."

This might end up being one of my surprises of the season, I didn't expect to be liking it as much as I am! Loving the new girl too!

I was sure she was just gonna be a momentary device for Iroha to get jealous, but no, she's just part of the group now. Nice!

I'm loving how fast subplots advance in this series. Most of the characters feel fairly realistic to me, but I have to say that I don't really understand how Ishino went from going "Gross" straight in a guys face and walking away to asking him whats wrong just cause he looks down a bit.

Cause she's a normal person.
Okay seriously, it's cause she's not as harsh as she likes people to think. She's kinda like Iroha that way.

Yeah I love that the characters aren't 1 dimensional like every other romance/drama anime.

this show definitely grows as fast as its characters which is sooo great to watch and follow along. 3 EP test passed!

The group of 'weirdos' surrounding an 'unlikable' otaku is growing. Gah. So weird.. so lovely...

When Ishino said she got closer to her crush I thought there for a second she was speaking of Itou. In hindsight, that would have been a bit too much to sell.

Though now that she's the pup with no owner, and Itou still has cat years (oh, god, why) you never know. More likely though is that Ishino's going to end up positioning herself for Tsutsui's rebound after the supposed 6 months, and things are going to be messy.

This has certainly been the surprise of the season for me. Not Sora Yori this-is-so-amazing levels of surprise, but more of I-thought-this-would-be-shit-but-it's-pretty-funny kind of surprise. It's quick and all over the place and the animation is just ok, but these three episodes have been surprisingly fun to watch. If it weren't for Wotakoi and Ode-to-Nozaki-Kun, this would be my romcom of the season.

damn, all these communication problems I expect to put up with for the entire season solved in the episode. that feels fuckin good. I love Iroha more every episode, her defending Ishino was hilarious and satisfying.

This is so good.

Yo man, I'm loving this. Everyone's flawed, but mature, or as much as can be given their insecurities.

This was definitely better than the previous 2 episodes. It is still a bit cringey at times, but at least there's some wisdom about friends and couple relationships that makes up for it.
Arisa was a good addition to the group. Although I don't know what to say about that banana peel incident.

Excellent episode! I guess I will end up buying the manga.


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