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[3D Kanojo: Real Girl] Episode 2 impressions

Episode 2
"About the Time My Chastity was in a Predicament."

I'll say it again, I really like that there is casual physical contact between them.

Not only that, but in awkward situations there's also actual communication between them instead of panicky internal monologues.
I really liked how casually he mentioned that all this physical contact was new to him and how open he was at the ferris wheel. This is probably how it would go down IRL.
Normally you'd get this scene at the end of a regular anime's finale not in episode 2. It's like the author got fed up with these cliches and went "listen bitches, this is how it should have been done"!

It happens so rarely in anime it truly is nice to see it done, and done well at that. Feels like it's more real that way when they actually touch each other and not lose their minds. Definitely liking this show as my feel good one of the season so far.

I'm really intrigued what's up with her, if she really has an illness.
I like how he just completely fell for her no matter what she does and is himself without hiding behind his wall. That must have surely struck her as something she loves.
That present for her was very sweet and his words afterwards were really greatly chosen (probably something he learned from anime/manga as well).

Yeah the 6 months is probably the prognosis. But with the amount of lies she probably told this episode, this anime should be the one with the title of "Koi to Uso"

There are two ways how this show is ending.
-She got the cancer
-She will just move to the other side of the city because of her dads job

Me: Oh that's nice, he actually approached the Doctor to clear misunderstandings!
Tsutsun: *Proceeds to create more misunderstandings himself*

I feel like so many things happened this episode. I think the only reason I'm following this is because of Iroha. Right now the only thing we know about her is that she has asthma and she's a free spirit. I'm really curious as to what makes her tick.

Aww, that's cute. You think she's going to live.
Episode 2 ended on a death flag, man. EPISODE 2. Ignoring the fact that we're given a non-negotiable termination of their relationship in 6 months on EPISODE 1.
It's over, it's all over. She dead.

I dunno why you're so smug. I never said anything about me thinking that she's going to live. I'm just curious about her backstory why she acts like that.

We also know that she never gets upset when her boyfriend implies that she's a slut...

How come? The whole point of lying about the doctor being her boyfriend and not being a virgin was to make him angry, because she was upset that he didn't trust and believe her. It was only once she noticed that instead of making him angry it made him sad as hell that she quickly backtracked because she didn't want to lose him.

Glad that the "Slut/ Thot" comments towards Iroha are pretty well null at this point.
Honestly, a little disappointed with the animation and... I suppose 'lack' of things in the background. But I just accept that as Hoods doing the best (or rather not) they can at the moment, and that this will be shown as a more simple and light-weight romance comedy, which I am quite okay with.
With the pacing we are getting I'm debating whether we will get a full adaption now!

Had the same thoughts about the animation after this ep. but having read the manga, I’m just genuinely excited to see this story unfold again in a different medium than reading. So, I look past it. It’s cute.

≫Glad that the "Slut/ Thot" comments towards Iroha are pretty well null at this point.
If only that was the case on a certain board with a number in its address... It's almost as if they actually want girls in anime to be sluts just so they can bitch about it. The fact she's actually pure and an ideal girl they all want is unimportant when you can project things and shame her instead. It was understandable after the first episode, but after manga spoilers dropped and today's episode aired it's just ridiculous.

The comedy aspect isn't actually that prominent later on in the story. It's pretty light-hearted for the most part though, until certain arc we probably won't see adapted (and thank the God for that) comes.

It's two chapters per episode so far, so I don't think it'll be a full adaptation. I already have a good place where they could end it in mind if they stopped around mid-way.

Been a while since I read the manga, wasn't quite sure on the pacing but that does sound about right. Would be fairly strange to not go all the way with it, especially with the time frame plot...
I also hope they skip said arc, that was really unneeded in the manga.

I really like her voice for some odd reason.
Why does this feel more like she is dying and has only been given 6 months to live...

Her voice is great. It's one of the reasons I can't wait for the next episode even though I've read the manga very recently so I pretty much know what scene will be next. It suits her a lot and has a nice mix of calming and energetic if that makes sense.

Speaking of dying highschool girls, there is a short manga (only one volume long) called 'Onnanoko ga Shinu Hanashi '/'Story of a dying girl'. Highly recommended for anyone who likes bittersweet stories/tragedy.
Go on. You know you want it. You can finish it in an hour. The girl might not even die. It's possible there's a happy ending, right? You won't find out unless you read it.

For those who have read the manga, liked it and want something similar to tide you over, you’d enjoy Horimiya (which also has a few OVAs).

Bruh, I need MORE Horimiya. Tired of them following side characters.
Also, need a decent anime. The ova has the old style.

The OVA was horrible. It's like an instructional video on how to miss beats and punchlines.
I really like the Yuki centric side stories, she's a precious cinnamon bun. The main story could really pick up the pace though, I can't even remember the last time any character development happened between those two.

Yep, still rapidly fluctuating from (cringe that's awful) to (hnng that's cute)
By the end of this show, I might be the one with a serious illness.
I keep telling myself I'm not an otaku, but boy, do I feel interested in making clay models of anime girls right about now.

So she's lying, the show airs in April, and there's a serious illness involved...

Honestly, this episode was a huge improvement over the first, a lot of the elements felt realistic in what the shows trying to portray which helped me get invested in the relationship, which I hope will be fun to see evolve. (Because most love stories revolve around the chase I think we often forget how a relationship very often doesn't start perfect, it's often 2 people very unfamiliar with each other trying to learn and understand).

I enjoyed the line to his mother "It's awkward if you're more enthusiastic than me" as I feel that's the line I spent most of my teenage years searching for, it's such a parent thing to do but it's very true that it makes it awkward.

One directing issue I had (well the direction was generally poor all episode, except for the cut to Game Over, that was really well set up and executed) is during the near kiss in the room. They already had the perfect shot set up for the mood of the scene, yet as they start to close in the shot cut to a close, completely changing the mood and then we had the interruption which fell a bit flat because it's much harder to get so 'lost' in the previous scene that you feel the effects of the interruption due to the poorly placed cut.

I really, really, really like how Tsutsun's otaku-dom isn't a problem in itself, but rather the problem is how aggressively defensive he is about it.

Usually, anime uses the otaku label as a badge of pride (because it's pandering to an otaku audience) or the otaku will be an unfairly maligned, misunderstood nice guy that people just need to give a chance (because it's pandering to an otaku audience) but this show hasn't really pulled that, yet. Tsutsun isn't a perfect guy. He has some good moments but he's also kind of a pathetic shit sometimes and the first episodes have not been shy about showing it.

So, not only does the show not treat his otaku status as a hidden ideal, but it also doesn't treat it as a problem that needs to be corrected or grown out of. His hobbies are his hobbies and he just needs to relax and stop being so insecure about them and then maybe people would treat him better. I like that Iroha touched on this in a semi-subtle way. She doesn't berate him, but she positively encourages him to change by suggesting that he's a better person when his guard is down. And, for now, he didn't really get it. He doesn't yet see the difference between a calm "This is who I am" and his reflexive "THIS IS WHO I AM FUCK YOU FOR LOOKING DOWN ON ME, SKANK" that he projects, though he might be starting to realize it after that lewd hand-holding and adorable snuggling.

And godsdamn he needs to stop jumping to conclusions about Iroha. He says and thinks some ridiculously offensive things simply because he won't slow his roll, and his phrasing is utterly tactless. Iroha is sweet but a little manipulative, though it's hard to blame her. Her reputation precedes her and, assuming certain things she said this week were true, that reputation is entirely undeserved. They're kind of a reflection of each other's personality, despite having vastly different sources for their stress and angst.

Tsutsun is treated harshly because of his otaku tendencies, so he becomes smug and angry and lashes out when he feels threatened, even if he isn't actually threatened, somewhat reinforcing the negative "neckbeard/niceguy" stereotype and bringing some of the social punishment upon himself.

Iroha is treated harshly because of her perceived promiscuity. She seems genuinely hurt by such presumptions, but her brash, confrontational personality and apparent openness to dating reinforce the negative perception of her, even if it's unjustified.

It's not that either of them necessarily deserve to be treated the way they are, but both of them react in ways that generally don't improve their situation. They essentially "double down" on the behavior that got them ostracized in the first place. Tsutsun is prickly and condescending, Iroha seems dismissive and flippant. I like that they both seem to mean well for each other, and hopefully Tsutsun starts trusting her more.

This kind of shows my problem with the show, there is so little movement and there are next to no other characters in the background.
It's okay to focus on the main characters, but that doesn't have to mean that there is no movement on screen anywhere else or that you don't need to use any other characters so it doesn't look like a ghost town.
Is this also the style of the manga or is this an anime only problem?

Did you not read about the Märchen Mädchen disaster last season?
I'm not in the least bit surprised by this show's visuals.

≫next to no other characters in the background.
When Shaft does it, it is art.

Shaft can make it work

A week day during school hours I can't imagine there being many people. More importantly though this is apparently a long finished manga that for some reason got a anime. I can't imagine it getting a large budget allotted to it.

During school hours? I would say the from the image the sun is setting, the sky is an orange tinted color. Sure during a weekday an amusement park wouldn't be the busiest place.

But I'm sure it would have more than 2 people in it, added to the fact what are that mother and daughter doing? There is nothing to see, not a person to ask anything to either? Seeing as the shot wasn't moving at all, was it that difficult to add another character behind the counter so it at least seemed to do something?

I just feel disappointed in it. Mitsuboshi Colors last season also didn't have the biggest of budgets but that was a good example of how to play with a smaller budget.

I like Iroha's affection toward Tsutsun, as well as her attitude of "I don't care about your weird, I like you" and how she's not afraid to just say that. That ending was great, emotional.
I did kinda spoil myself to the story, but I don't get the "generic cliche blah blah" stuff. It's fun so far, and gonna enjoy it.

I actually like how it keeps everything interesting, that there's nothing certain at least yet.


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