Thursday, April 5, 2018

[3D Kanojo: Real Girl] Episode 1 impressions

Episode 1
"About the Time I First Met Her."

Holy shit Iroha is fucking savage

That wizard burn was on point and that 3rd insult is a favorite of mine. I like her already!

Love how blunt she is, hoping that carries through the whole season!

Oh she definitely doesn't look like she'll be changing out of that attitude.

Otaku nice guy and a misunderstood "slut" girl? I guess I am in. Seeing that the manga is short and already complete definitely helps too. Not sure if it will cover the whole thing or not but the first episode definitely has me interested.

Fuck, I'm falling for it hard. It's super effective.

It's Otaku bait, but it's actually pretty well done (if they do the manga justice)

I feel like crying after watching this because I know that something like this won't happen to me.

I bet it's because you're not otaku enough. You really need into loathing, big time 3DPD-ism to really get the girls to like you.

So far this hasn't really sold me on the connection between these two. They just took turns saving each other, but right now I couldn't tell you what they actually like about each other aside from each having demonstrated that they're a good person. But, it's only episode 1, so they have plenty of time to flesh out the relationship.

I think that's the point though, they have no reason to go out and MC acknowledges that

This show is shit. However, this is good shit for my shit taste. 5/7. Will continue. I'm rooting for you you damned otaku!

≫This show is shit. However, this is good shit for my shit taste.
No such thing as shit taste!

I liked the episode but it was too cringy at points.

Okay... I'm definitely going to watch this but my god was that some terrible writing or direction or something, I was like "what", "what", "what" all the way through. Otaku cleans pool with slutty hot girl, she sticks up for him, he sticks up for her during a fight when she's cheating and suddenly she's fell in love with him. She asks him out, says no and then stalks her for a day, why? Then he asks her out.
Seems like it was written as some virgin otaku's dream or something, not that that's a bad idea, but it could be handled a bit better I think. They could have at least made it semi realistic and maybe carried it over two episodes. It's like there was no meat to anything it happened so fast.
I'll be happy with some drama and conflict, hopefully it's not all golden from start to end.

The manga is written by a woman.

That doesn't mean it can't be written as a virgin otaku's dream.

There are already spoiler mines in here, god.
I was mind blown by how much happened in this episode, i like both main characters, especially her. She is definitely different and it makes her an interesting one already. I need to see more of her.
The guy is very insecure about girls and relationships but he has his heart on his sleeve.
I really, really enjoyed this.

It certainly progressed rather quickly this episode! We already have a relationship formed and two kisses... and it's only the first episode!
Show doesn't look as great as other romances, but I don't really think it needs to be. Gonna keep following this as well!

So many variations of McDonald's in anime. I'm starting to lose track.
In regards to the episode. I knew nothing about the show going in and am definitely intrigued by it. Overall an enjoyable first episode and I am currently planning on watching the whole series.

The pacing felt pretty damn fast, maybe just to reach that point by the end of the episode.
Definitely some cringe going on but I can't deny it made me laugh with it, I will see if I can handle much of the shoujo drama for what I have already seen in this episode, but so far it was fine, Iroha grabs my attention and the sick burn with the wizard joke got me, she's interesting.

That was just like 4 otaku wet dreams in a row, then the second worst romance cliche behind terminal disease.
The guy was rewarded for stalking a girl!
I expected nothing and yet I am still disappointed. I don’t think I’ll get past 3 episodes on this one, it seems like hot garbage along the lines of OreShura. I want to compare it to Hajimete no Gal but that at least tried to be funny.

i really liked this manga

Animation-wise this episode was okay. Since this is done by the same studio behind märchen mädchen, I just hope this doesn't share the same fate with it where the studio will drop the ball in later episodes.


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