Friday, March 16, 2018

[Yuru Camp△] Episoe 11 impressions [Laid-Back Camp]

Episode 11
"Christmas Camp!"

Free screenshots get 'em while they are hot.
Image 17...... hmmmmmmm.
get 'em while they are hot
I’m so happy we get to see the whole gang Yuru Camping, even sensei joined. They ended the episode on a nice note with Rin realising camping with friends can be fun too. I really love this show and would welcome another season
Rin becomes a cooking anime
I want a Koufuku Graffiti / Yuru Camp crossover.
I want a Shokugeki/Yuru Camp crossover ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Hey, hypothermia’s a real danger in winter camping!
Not with Aoi's 45,000 Yen Sleeping bag! Shirase in Antartica could use it and be fine.
The gang is finally together!
That was a super fun episode. A whole bunch of hilarious and adorable moments, as well as moments where characters get to appreciate each other's unique experiences. It also, somehow, managed to sneak in a bit of Rin's usual solitary adventures.
I love watching Nadeshiko eat. She always seems so happy and makes everything she tries look so good.
This episode was everything I wanted it to be. Maximum comfy, comedy, tender moments, and Rin has finally seen how nice it is to be with friends instead of solo camping.
I fucking love this show so much.
My personal ranking of 5 MC's cooking talent after episode 11:
1. Inuyama (this episode is basically her cooking show)
2. Ohgaki (her houtou in Episode 8 pleased all Nadeshiko's family members)
3. Nadeshiko (Hot Pot in episode 3 made Rin happy)
4. Rin (instant curry ramen in episode 1 saved Nadeshiko from death (perhaps))
5. Saitou (she have not cooked anything yet)
Tfw there is only 1 episode left

Author's Note: Yuru Camp is a camping manga
As stated before, this is a better food show than the show about ramen.
Aoi’s grandma, Rin’s grandpa: anime seriously needs more cool oldsters.
I like that they haven't tried to twist anything around to make everyone realize that he was the one who inspired Ohgaki to buy her skillet. The connection between the girls and Miss Chug is fine, but the grandpa works so well as a mysterious wanderer type figure.
The only rangers we need in this world.
MAL has added the Yuru Camp Specials to their list a few days ago.
At least it's something, most likely those will be shorts like ones at the end of most episodes.
I genuinely feel that this episode was perfect. It had an immaculate combination of hilarity and comfiness and heart-warmth and incredible chemistry between the endearing characters; when I wasn't crying laughing, I was grinning ear to ear, and I just love that feeling.
Ena should've joined the gang much earlier, she's an absolute gem, and her comedic timing is impeccable. And seeing Rin warm up to the idea of group camping just melted me. She's so precious. Goddamn, I don't want this series to end.
 Maximum comfy episode, but this shot had me a bit of tears for some reason.
The positioning of the characters is symbolical and perfect, Rin is able to feel a great share of the enjoyment of group camping while still keeps her comfortable out-of-the-group distance.
I expected Rin completely gets to join the OutClub group in this episode, but it looks like she just started to be in the group and slowly is finding her seat for the group camping. I'm glad about this direction, it's not zero or one to go with the group or solo, you can have both types of enjoyment.
Yesss!!!! That moment really got to me, especially at the moment Rin broke that smile. I don't know how, but I got hit by a wave of overwhelming peace and happiness. I definitely shed a few tears there. Just incredibly beautiful.


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