Friday, March 2, 2018

[Yuru Camp△] Episode 9 impressions [Laid-Back Camp]

Episode 9
"A Night of Navigator Nadeshiko and Hot Spring Steam"

The whole Nadeshiko family is trained in the art of eating food to make it look tastier.
all except Sakura
Like the opposite of being Hangery. She gets furious when she's full.
I'd gladly make her furious too, unfortunately my meager (read "nonexistent") cooking skills probably would make her angry for other reasons.
Low key this is what I've been waiting for and I'm so happy.
The prophecy has been fufilled
The many forms of hair.
Looks like Rin still hasn't learned her lesson from the previous dog assault
A lot of Rin this week :) I love that the OP builds up and abruptly stops as Rin sees the closed road. Nadeshiko family was also pretty funny. Next up, the whole gang goes camping!
Took them 8 7 episodes since they debuted Kuma hair, but boy was the wait worth it.
Shoutouts to /u/Hymmnosphere2 for pointing it out back in episode 3.
All these great hairstyles are only possible due to Takagi-san Saito!
Rie Takahashi being great again.
That "Heya Camp" voice line is so soothing, so blissful to my ear.
Ravioli ravioli, don't lewd that mini Aoi.
And don't lewd the big one either
Far too late for that one, mate
Yeah i can already hear the sirens off in the distance going for the people that are already lewding Aoi's little sister
I have really come to appreciate Aki more. She likes to pull tricks, but she really knows how to go with the flow and deliver on what is enjoyable for others too. Naturally good club president that somehow doesn't even feel like one. Also Mushroom Kingdom camping trip when?
The whole Nadeshiko-Aki switch scene was amazing. The VA's subtly trading places (I missed it the first time, at least), the background fading to black behind Rin when she notices, the creepy sound effects. And as always, the comedic timing is on point.
Every thursday waiting for Yuru Camp△
best search engine
I'm also kinda surprised at their choice of computer to have her use.
Granted there aren't many choices, but I would have expected a generic laptop than a Microsoft Surface (even down to the kickstand moulding and notch), even if it is unbranded.
The surface line is gaining a lot of popularity over MacBooks lately in Japan (in academia at least)
Are they gonna go camping together by the ep12? Can't wait.
Well it's in the opening, therefore it's highly likely to occur. I'm guessing the camp together will be spread over ep11-12.
My estimation is that the last 3 episodes will deal with this camping trip. Next ep might be setting things up and preparing, followed by two episodes for the camping.
Bear in mind that I don't know the source material and if there is enough happening for this to be viable, but from a pacing Point of View, I think this would be optimal.


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