Friday, March 23, 2018

[Yuru Camp△] Episode 12 impressions [Laid-Back Camp ]

Episode 12
 "Mount Fuji and the Laid-Back Camp Girls"

my final opinion on this show

or as Aoi would put it...


Can't... stop... clicking...

There's nine months left, but I feel confident in saying that an anime designed to sell camping gear is my AOTY.

I'm feeling the same way about A Place Further than the Universe. 2018 really came out swinging, in regards to anime.

I love Yuru Camp, but yeah A Place Further than the Universe is by far the AOTY and is very unlikely to be dethroned.

I'm so sad this is ending today....This show made my Thursdays something to look forward to...Plus it was a great way to get into a good mood knowing Friday was just on the horizon and the weekend was almost here....
I hope this show doesn't get forgotten like other cause it really is a wonderful cure for those looking for some comfy....

im going to miss yuru camp so much :'(

I want a season 2 where they go summer camping.

Beach camping!

It was a great anime in its way. It wasn't an overly dramatic or action show, but it was so chill and happy and about having fun outside in the winter. I think this was great at doing that and keeping a cozy rhythm all the way through. The music helps it a lot and the infrequent narrative and advice about camping didn't take overhand, but was there to just tell you the things you need and nothing more.
Kinda makes me want to go on a camping trip again, it's been a decade since I last went camping i think.

I believe Yuru camp will be instantly added to all the iyashikei classics, and always be referenced alongside flying witch, non non biyori, amanchu, barakamon, k-on etc.. It's a great healing anime.

What everyone here wanna say to the girls.

 Hope to see you all again soon.

I actually quite liked short haired Nadeshiko.

Knowing her, she probably would only cut it because Rin cut her hair. I thought it was a strange coincidence that both had short hair in Nadeshiko's imagination, but maybe that's how she imagines them looking in the future as both have fairly long hair now.

Anyone notice that Rin's phone changed again in the OP? She now replies "いいよ" (yes) to Nadeshiko asking if she wants to go camping!

Totally saw that! Ever since that post mentioning how it changed in episode 8, I was hoping she'd eventually reply with yes.

Fuck, that didn't feel like 23 mins. I got to the credits thinking that was the halfway point of the episode...
Many tears were shed for the comfy camping girls. I feel so empty.
On the plus side, I'm all but certain we'll get an s2 in a few years. On the downside, we have to wait a few years. 10/10, AoTS

Depending on how Sora Yori last episode goes (which I’m sure will be fantastic) this show will most likely be in my number 2 spot for the season. But god damn, this show was fantastic, way more than I ever thought it could be.
I kept checking how much time was left cause I didn’t want the end to come lol

Sora yori is my second favourite, although I'm actually a little behind at the moment (2 episodes)

That first scene actually fooled me for a second, they all looked great btw.
Now this never fooled me!

And Nadeshiko got her lamp!

Well, this anime was just absolutely amazing, a very good 9/10 from me and i don't wanna call it AOTS until after the Sora Yori finale but even if Sora Yori ends up beating it, i will be very surprised if Yuru Camp doesn't end up being in my Top 5 of the year, heck i think it is already in my Top 3 iyashikei!
I think one of the reasons this anime is so good and that i barely see anyone mention are the VAs, they just nailed the relaxing tone of the show.

I was so confused by the opening scene lmao... I was like wtf she went out to get gas and it took 10 years??

maybe she had a chat with my dad. he went out to get cigarettes ten years ago too

Please give us season 2.This show was just so damn fluffy and comfy, and I need more


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