Friday, March 9, 2018

[Yuru Camp△] Episode 10 impressions [Laid-Back Camp]

Episode 10
"Clumsy Travelers and Camp Meetings"

So yeah. After i caught up to a place further than the universe i decided to give this show a shot... ended up watching 9 episodes within 3 days.

Those are rookie numbers.

9 episodes are "busy afternoon at work" tier for me.

Lol. I was also binging through after the rain and overlord season 1 at the same time. Though would it be still be considered binging if you rotated shows after every episode?

Absolutely not. Go sit in a corner and reflect upon your failure as a weeb.


I warned you about solo camping, bro. I told you, dog.

Who else freaked on this?

That really was a mini heart attack, expected to say "Be cautios of bears" or so

I shouldn't be laughing as much as I did, but Rin having to chase after her things was too hilarious
That's not quite right, Nadeshiko

I've had this happen to me on a camping trip before, its funny as fuck to watch, but I could feel her pain.

Good thing Rin's got some plot armor to help her get sorted. If this happens to you in real life it can be potentially life-threatening.

Damn I finally managed to remember who the beer sensei remind me, Renge´s eldest sister in Non Bon Biyori!

Powered by beer instead of sleep. Sounds about right.

Beer must be a real eye opener for Toba-sensei

I was thinking its probably the glasses but yeah beer would make more sense.

If golf is a team sport

Bacon and beer.
Yes, please.

Perfect breakfast of champion

I'm glad they managed to recognize "that drunk lady". We probably won't have enough time to properly introduce her to the club shenanigans =(

I hope they make some OVAs at least. A second season will be great too but that feels a bit more risky, maybe?

A second season is very unlikely as of right now. This episode ended at the first chapter of volume 4 and the first half of the episode being the last chapter of volume 3. As of right now, there are only 5 volumes out with volume 6 releasing next week.


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