Friday, March 23, 2018

[Yuru Camp△] Episode 1 & 12 comparisons (Rin and Nadeshiko)

They are made for each other.

Kirby and her Metaknight. <3

Nadeshiko copied all of Rin's abilities!

Glasses guy hasn't sold a single product from the shelves in all that time...

The only thing that changed in that scene is the calendar. Which is pretty neat because we can see that Nadeshiko went there in April, which means the time jump at the end of the episode is ~4 months.
Rin's scene also tells us that the entire series takes place in less than 2 months. Feels so much longer though.

Umm... His shirt color?

And his hat!

I was talking about the background and he's not part of it.
But wait... He is a background character so IS he part of the background now?!

I have an idea in my head for putting these two scenes together in a video. Might get around to it eventually. Shouldn't be too hard.

That would be a great tribute

Bookend scenes are so good.

Sorry for my unknowingness but what anime is this?

Yuru Camp. Probably the best comfy show since Flying Witch.

Most recent one I can recommend. Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou
It doesn't have a main focus like Yuru Camp does for camping. But, def a comfy SOL you can just kick back to at the end of the day.

Yuru Camp, it just finished and this is from the first and last episodes.

These are really nice parallels

A few months of hard work and we'll see Nadeshiko on a scooter.

The pink haired girl looks like the protagonist of a Pokémon game.

While I did not pick up the anime (yet?!), I'm a huge sucker for full-circle narratives.
So, this comparison gets two big thumbs up from me! :D

Go watch it Banjo! I feel like it's right around your alley. :D

The relaxing music played in my head the entire time I looked through those pictures. I love this show. So sad it's over.

I loved the ending!

I swear that ending was perfect. I'll miss this little gem.


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