Wednesday, March 7, 2018

[Yowamusi Pedal] Episode 9 impressions [Weakling Pedal]

Episode 9
 "Sash of Wishes"

Incoming Hime Hime. Hime. Suki suki Daisuke.

I wasn't ready for that note

I never even thought about Kaburagi as the one with the most potential but its 100% true. If he actually devotes himself to sprinting he could be an absolute monster next year. Do wish he'd respect Aoyagi a bit though!

Unless Kaburagi can pull an Onoda and save the Interhigh, he is so useless! Should have picked Koga!

They might have him do that, but I wish they wouldn't. It's such an unrealistic development from being an actual dead weight for the team.

I said it last week and I'll say it again after that depressing speech instead of believing in your teammates but I guess he took it back with that last part
"Sohoku is a team that helps each other"
get your shit together Teshima
also is this it Hime Hime Aoyagi and Kaburagi ! :D

I disagreed with your nonsense last week and I do the same this week again. Whats the best scenario for Sohoku atm? With the cheating of Koga , the duo might get back to the team, but in a huge time disadvantage compare to Kimosuji's group and Hakone. After the mountains there will most likely be plains where sprinters can carry ... but both of Sohoku's sprinters are exhausted due to the fact that they were forced to rapidly climb a huge mountain , together as sprinters ... thats basically GG, Sohoku lost , next season pls , prefearably without Kaburagi

Unfortunately, we who expect realistic developments from this anime are bound to be disappointed. It has turned to a power-of-friendship shounen where the protags can pull any feat (honestly, that's what it has always been, but now they're starting to reuse old tricks, like catching up from the pack, and it's getting boring). It still has enjoyable moments, but it requires suspension of disbelief of unprecedented levels.

Hime no hime na no hime na no da love hime faito
I wasn't ready for that LOL


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