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[Yowamusi Pedal] Episode 12 impressions

Episode 12
"Fallen hopes"

Obviously a match made in heaven with the Muscle Pervert Vs Muscle Pervert the Yaoi Hunt is on...
That being said,,god Why cant they ever just get disqualified each race is a new harassment charges. Well last time he went the full way and just got in inside someone shorts but still....I guess they would blame the victim as eyelashes keep showing of his goods all the time.
Anyway, God I loved the Imazumi outburst Teshima, easily 1 of the most justified anime emotional outburst ever. Nakama power no more!
And I hope that Naruko is ninja stealthing behind the 2 muscle freaks like Midoujisi was last episode and win the Sprinting race, best boy can do it


Of course

Love how they're pretty much doubling down on hamming it up. During the last tournament, the way the abs thing was handled felt a bit annoying/forgettable, but this time round, going completely OTT with it as well as the addition of Komori was perfect.
In fact, between all the Kyoto/Hakone exchanges and seeing Imaizumi get rekt by Midousuji again, this episode was just flat-out great.

Muscle Hentai.
Also love how Doubashi respects Izumida

Lol, I was rooting for Kyoto by the end. I hope Kishigami destroys Izumida. Sohoku is a mess right now anyway, except possibly for Naruko, but he's by himself there. Not that that ever bothered him as long as there's an audience...
Felt like the right time for an outburst from Imaizumi also. Curious where they go from there.

Crackizumi-kun regrets his decision and although is frustrated with Teshima ultimately blames himself for succumbing to Sohoku~nakama power~TM. Hitting Teshima's hand away from him was so shady.
Midousuji being kind enough to give Sohoku advice but those fools didn't believe him for a second. tsk tsk
Seems like Naruko acquired the cloak of invisibility in this episode. Would have been great if he tried to attack as well for the Sprint line as well. But I guess he has hands full with two complete teams in front of him.
Lastly, was expecting Kishigami to do something with Frank instead of just copping a feel. But Izumida is the best bait for muscles-obsessed Kishigami so I hope they have an interesting fight. Besides, Izumida might have improved but I don't think he's nowhere near Shinkai's level just yet.

PS. Can we please get the new Love☆Hime Season 2 OP song already??? so that everyone can patch things up and recover Sohoku~nakama~powerTM

Didn't all of the current Hakone members beat their respective Senpai at the beginning of the season?

You're talking about New Generation Ep.7. Not all of them though. Doubashi and Yuto weren't with the main 4 when it happened. Also, it was a veeery close race and Shinkai was mostly ahead of him in the beginning. Izumida beating Shinkai was more of a passing of the baton moment though and I think there would still be some difference especially if Shinkai was in top form.
Also technically Manami was never able beat Toudou both in episode 8 and the other Winter Challenge (with Onoda). so there's that.

it is not smart for naruko to atack sprint batle... it is 6v6v1 batle at front..(if) he goes to sprint he is alone..and would need to go all out..and then he would be exaust after that sprint and would eliminate himself..he dont have any good otpions only 1:to go in front of both teams minus izumida and Creepy number 2(komari) and to slow down whole group..and that would be hard in this moments since number is 5v5v1..and both teams could easy just change drifter and going faster then naruko

He already went out of his way to chase the front and caught up with them. Might as well go all out and nab that sprinter tag (give both teams a run for their money). Besides it's better than being like Chirpzumi (in Day 1) and just riding behind Hakone's tails. lol By the time the sprint is over, Sohoku would be there to catch him anyway and I'm sure he has more stamina than Teshima.

this is nothing similar to day day one chirpzumi should try to slow hakone even for 10 seconds it would work..(he mgiht be able to slow down them more) and that was on finish they just start second day and sohoku is not even close to even if he have more stamina then teshima he cant keep riding alone after all out batle(duh)and his catching up would be meaningles
ps sohoku's 3 in the group are 2 climbers and one all arounder who is "exaust"or what ever..and they are now at flat(sprinters area)so how you imagine them catching up to leading group

Well like I said, Yowaizumi was basically tailing/riding along behind Hakone in Day 1 so that he could reach Naruko. Yes, it was an error on his part since he should have tried to stop them instead. Naruko going ahead and riding alone was still able to reach both Hakone and KyoFu at the front so that says something.
Naruko fighting for the Sprinter tag would still be better than just giving up without a fight. Rattling both teams would be good too. If he manages to pull it off, he can fall back after and wait for the others and regroup. And by the looks of it, Sohoku won't be able to catch up quickly to the front at this rate. (Not unless Aoyoagi and Kaburagi magically show up - both who are sprinters as well and the last leg of the race is flat so they might still have a sliver of a chance)

I am surprised Naruko didn't jump in the sprint. Or did he?

It would be a stupid move as there is no team to immediately pick him up after the sprint as far as he knows.

My feelings are conflicted after the hand slap away...I’m sohoku for life and they been the underdogs both last year and this year...I hope they can pull it off!


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