Thursday, March 22, 2018

[Yowamusi Pedal] Episode 11 impressions

Episode 11
"Mountain King"

ah easily best moment was the class rep and manami, when she all tsundere so she has to go alone to the mountain top without telling anyone before /going wit her school etc, drops her stuff but manages in the end to give him the bottle and of course manami is all like ohoho was the trip good great white horse moment.
And...midousuji can also turn invisible with his bug powers?
Like WHERE was he during all the shots of from different angles and everything, its so obvious that hes just suddenly magically gonna be in the front even do we see so many different shoots of the shouku and Hakone, the distance between them and the general road. But wopsie dopsie heres midousuji still in the front.
Nice to see Onoda finally getting some screen time but the battle was kinda short and a little underwhelming imo.

The part with the horse is actually anime original. In the mnga he says those lines but just while he's riding by on his bike.

I really need to learn Japanese.

Pretty sure every single line there is in the anime verbatim if that's what you mean.

Oh no, I meant that I'd like to learn Japanese so I can read manga raws and/or get BDs of shows I want that don't have English subs. Seeing the pages you linked reminded me of that.

The Speedster of Naniwa — easily the most character development between freshman and sophomore.

I was hoping to see a battered Hakone suffering from the consequences of their first day victory, instead I get Onoda losing to a first year except it's "technically a tie" and Hakone still viewed as an unstoppable threat.
Truly disappointing.

Midosouji deserves to win. Nuff said. Outside of his muscle obsessed sidekick he is working with guys who aren't even the best and he's able to keep up through strategy and his own skills. Sure the man is gross but he's raced better and less idiotic than Sohoku and Hakone.

Midousuji is clearly the best individual in whole race, pretty much same last year.

The only thing gross is how much Midousuji gets robbed of what he deserves. Fuck Hakone and this Sohoku, still hoping it's Midou & Kyoto Fushimi who win on the final day.

lol. In a different world there could be an anime/manga of Yowamushi where Midosouji is the main character and it's about him being a great cyclist but wanting to challenge himself and prove himself to the world by going to a lesser known school so that he can bring that school to greatness rather than going to an already well known school like everyone else. So the overall story is about how a truly great person can make a place for themselves anywhere all the while also using their talent to help others realize the best in themselves.

I honestly just feel bad for Sohoku atm. Didn't Teshima and Aoyagi "trained" while the main trio were in the previous inter high. What happened to Teshima's ? Maaaan this is so nerve-racking seeing Sohoku this way. I can't possibly see them winning in this condition. (Which sets up a 3rd interhigh with Sugimoto so I won't be mad)
Also those dynamic panning and class-rep scene was nice !

>Didn't Teshima and Aoyagi "trained" while the main trio were in the previous inter high
Aoyagi fell back, they're heading for a touching full-team re-encounter at the end.

Damn Sohoku falling behind because of scrub teammates. Koga would have been a better choice.

Anybody else think that the four in front for Sohoku were gonna work with Midosuji to take on Hakone before Midosuji's team caught up? No? Just me? Okay lmao


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