Wednesday, March 14, 2018

[Yowamushi Pedal] Episode 10 impressions [Weakling Pedal]

Episode 10
#16, Shinkai Yuto

hiime hime!! hime! suki suki daisuki hime!! hime!!
Its about a star that grows bigger or something from love, I have never seen it :)
Can we say that they are singing do, its mainly just Ayogi Screaming the secret weapon of Shouku, gotta wonder why no other team has picked up and also learned this song.
Really funny first half but I would the second half was even better as ONODO Finally get to do something.
I mean it has been what like 36? or so Episode since he was the focus of anything
I agree with you on the Onoda thing, but let's be real, he's going to be like 4th place minimum.
He likely will lose race 1 to the teammates and win the climb. After all hes the mounting king with amazing op powers of super high cadence.
sooo my quick guess is
-they never shown Onoda and Tadakoro singing it near the pack so most people wouldnt know the song
-the riders they passed were people who were off the pack where the strong riders are, most probably third years so have graduated at this point
Did they know go pass the whole pack on the short side last year while singing it?
Would not these third years tell the tale of the legendary Hime song, that guy won it after all feels like the Mountain King and his hime should be well known.
If the movies were canon the team they faced in the race heard the song as they were coming up.
Easily my favorite episode of the second interhigh. SO GOOOOOOD
We haven’t even gotten to the best part of the second day.. we all know it’s coming
Or any of the checkpoints for that matter
All hime power comments aside, I really love when Onoda becomes serious like towards the end. It feels like we haven't gotten to see him shine during this interhigh, so I'm very excited for his race with Shinkai now that he's accepted that there's no other choice.
Wasn't he serious when he
  1. Blew past the people who blocked him
  2. Tried to catch up with Teshima
but hey Onoda screen time is always appreciated

Hahaha. Yes! This episode is what I wanted and then some. I can't wait til next week.

I can't wait till the Love Hime! Opening straight up becomes the Sohoku team anthem. I can imagine future members being confused af when they realize they have to learn the song to be on the team.

I wish more people would watch it.

There's a star between Love and Hime.
Thanks Todaroko and Aoyogi, for relaying the important details.

I laughed my ass off at that 'singing' segment.
I also couldn't believe that 22 minutes went by when suddenly the ending played...

While I too laughed, I don't think it was nearly as good as Tadokoro singing it.
The singing wasn't as good, but the scene itself was hilarious! I mean, a "lol" for me is a sharp exhale with my nose, this was full on laughter.
For the third Inter High I wonder how the Hime Hime will get, this year was hilarious

Aoyagi's singing voice is so different from before, I thought he changed voice actors.
But I guess it's just what happens when you become a third year.


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