Thursday, March 22, 2018

Who's your favorite character that you share the same birthday with?

Just curious, are there people that share the same birthdays as their waifus?
Just some popular ones:
Rem: 2/2
Yuuki Asuna: 9/30
Megumi Kato AND Emilia: 9/23
Makise Kurisu: 7/25
Hitagi Senjougahara: 7/7

Rin Tohsaka
pretty pleased with that, Rin's quality

Tae Hanazono from BanG Dream!

Anywhere I can check?

Nothing really for Sept 28

Mt Lady is the only one I know of. (Aug 11)

Setsuna Ogiso from White Album 2

Tokoyami from MHA. Also share with the MC of Clannad and one of the Slow Start girls but I haven't watched either show

For people looking to check, use this website:
Navigate by clicking the green tab at the top that says Birthday to select a month which then brings up a calendar to select the day.

Apparently, I share my birthday with Makoto Itou. I know what I'm watching this Sunday.

The best I got was Ojiro from My Hero Academia. He's the only character I knew from the list I looked at

August 31 is the day Hatsune Miku's Vocaloid program first launched, so technically it counts as Miku's birthday too.
If she doesn't count, then the only anime character I know whose birthday is 8/31 is Jaden Yuki, and I would rather jump off a bridge than say anything remotely positive about Jaden Yuki, so I really hope Miku counts.

I share a birthday with my waifu, L from death note!

Narumi from New Game S2

Best I got is Hikari from Neon Genesis Evangelion (she's alright)

The only character I recognize that shares my birthday is Sekai from School days.

Kazuki Kazami from Grisaia (March 22).

Ami Mizuno aka Sailor Mercury.
It seems Aigis from Persona 3 and Graham Aker from Gundam 00 also share my birthday.

She's more like a video game character that has her own anime so i guess that counts?
Its Mikan Tsumiki from Danganronpa 2. Both of are born on 12th May. Mikan is such a cutie <3

I’ve only seen a few episodes but apparently Akari from Aria!
There’s several cool characters on the day after my birthday though ;__;

Rize tedeza from gochiusa. Honestly pretty happy to see that lol

8/28. Most memorable one for me was Guren Ichinose from Seraph of the End. 👌🏼

I share the same birthday with Onodera?? I mean I heard of Nisekoi but never watched it. She looks cool tho. Apparently it's a harem anime so I guess I got a character to support whenever I plan to watch it.

27/12 hinata hyuga

Mitsuki Nase from Kyouki no Kanata.

Hashirama Senju, the First Hokage

I got Goku :D

Tatsuya Shiba I guess. Nothing else on 24th of April for me honestly.


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