Friday, March 16, 2018

Whats Your Top 5 OP/ED

1.Again from FMA:B
2.Brave Shine from Fate/stay night UBW
3.Bloody Stream from JJBA
4.gravityWall from Re:Creators
5.World End from Code Geass R2

1.aLIEz from Aldnoah.Zero
3.Yakusoku -Promise code- from Qualidea Code
4.Believe in Magic from YGO VRAINS
5.Magia from Madoka Magica

how about the first op from fate zero? and bloody stream, really? i love that song

I actually like Fate/Zero's second OP, "to the beginning", more than "Oath Sign", though it's not half bad either. "to the beginning" is number 6 on my list actually, you only asked for top 5.

1.Gintama op 13
2.bye bye yesterday from assassination classroom
3.again from FMAB
4.courage from SAO
5.ambiguous from Kill la Kill

1.Samurai heart from Gintama
2.glorious days from Gintama
3.shirushi from SAO
4.Overfly from SAO
5.secret base from Anohana

someone loves gintama songs my favorite had to b Stairway Generation

1.Yugioh 5ds Op 2 - Last Train New Morning
2.Pokemon XY&Z OP - Iku Z
3.Magic Kaito 1412 OP 2 - Ai no Scenario
4.Tanaka-Kun is Always Listless Op - Utatane Sunshine
5.Yugioh Zexal Op 2 - Braving

1.Yugioh Arc-V ED 5 - Vision
2.Urara Meirochou ED - Go to Romance
3.Saki Achiga-Hen ED - Futuristic Player
4.Natsu-Iro Kiseki ED - Ashita e no Kaerimichi
5.Aria The Animation ED - Rainbow

Three YGO songs on someone else's list
Although as far as ARC-V EDs go, I prefer Future Fighters.

Yeah Yugioh OP/ED (and the series as well) are awesome, a shame not many normal anime watcher interested in the series with it being kids and all.

Sakura Mitsutsuki (Gintama)
Ambiguous (Kill la Kill)
Departure (Hunter x Hunter 2011)
Unravel (Tokyo Ghoul)
02 (Code Geass)
only endings i like is Samurai Heart fom Gintama and kimi no shiranai monogatari from bakemonogatari

i love all your ops especially Departure and ambiguous since KLK was my very first anime

HxH was my second anime and i listened to that op all 148 times haha probably gonna rewatch it soon and KLK 2nd opening is my second favourite right behind my favourite opening from my favourite series

oh i almost forgot i also sing in my head All of HxH's OP
You Can Flyyyyyy Awayyyyyyy

i think it was by instinct (the otaku inside me 😂) but when i learned all the words for the Kill La Kill OP everday before i fell asleep id watch an episode and sing the song slept GURRRRRRRRRREEAAATTTTT at first i was like wtf why am i sing this its weird but i got used to it Akame Ga Kills OP was perfect too still listen to them both Akame Ga Kill Was My 2nd Anime BTW

5) Shiny Ray from Little Witch Academia. Just captures the mystical and magical wonder of the series and especially love the opening animation.
4) Mirai no Bokura wa Shitteru Yo from Love Live Sunshine. Best opening animation and the song is kickass.
3) Crossing Field from SAO. Still remains the best opening in the SAO OST.
2) This Game from No Game No Life. Self-explanatory.
1) Sincerely from Violet Evergarden. Love love LOVE this song.

5) Startear from SAO. Freaking awesome.
4) Overfly from SAO. Ditto.
3) Yuki was Doko ni? Kimi no Mune Ni from Love Live Sunshine S2. The only ending I actually liked and the one which made me cry like a little bitch (see episode 11)
2) Shunkan Sentimental from FMA:B. Best ED from the show.
1) Shirushi from SAO. YUUUKIIIIIII TT

not only did u write a whole list but u even gave a reason. 👏 p.s O.G S.A.O's OP/ED's were all good.


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