Saturday, March 24, 2018

What's an anime that gets better after thinking back on it later on in your life?

I've seen people mention this about a few anime like 5 centimeters per second.

Madoka is probably the only time where I loved a story more a year or two later than when I had just finished watching it. Over time it's changed from a story I liked to a story that holds a lot of meaning to me.

While I loved the show from the start, the Rebellion movie took a bit longer for me to really appreciate. After some time though, I came to realize that I absolutely loved the direction they took with it. Such an incredible series

Chuunibyou. On an initial watch, I couldn't get into the whole delusion thing, and I felt more pity for Rikka than anything. Later on, I understood more of the deep stuff about knowing and finding yourself. I still don't LOVE the show, but I appreciate it more.

Welcome to the NHK. I watched it in my undergrad. I rewatched it in grad school as I struggled with isolation. The further you go on in life, the more powerful it gets.

Hyouka was this for me
I loved it as I was watching and especially when I finished it, but it wasn't even really a top ten for me. But I couldn't stop thinking about it, so I started watching a bunch of analysis videos in YouTube and seeing how people on here responded to it, and I realized it wasn't just a top ten, it was my third favourite anime, tied with Hibike! Euphonium

I would have to say Plastic Memories. It’s message of living life with the people or person you love just resonates with me. Emotionally it just grabs me, it embodies the way I want love to be. Even when the main characters know they can’t be together for that much longer they still live life as normal. They don’t do extravagant things they just enjoy the little things in life, as we all should.

Shinsekai Yori...
First time I watched it, I actually dropped it after 2 episodes. The art style was just too weird and I thought it was going to be a boring and slow school kids who have superpowers thing.
Then a friend told me to pick it up again after it finished. I watched it to the end and thought, hey pretty solid ideas, amazing story.
Then after 2 or 3 years I revisited it and it just blew my mind and is now within my Top 10 of all time.

I was 16 when I watched it, and it had a significant impact on me back then.
Today, I look back and think to myself, "Yep, it still affects my worldview".

It helps keeping in mind the idea that not everyone is right even when they're framed as the heroes, that things aren't as black or white as you'd like to think...

For me, it changed negatively. I thought it was an absolute beauty when I first saw it. There were so many surprises, and it nearly broke me with all the crazy twists nearing the end.
I come back to it about 8* years later, excited as I could ever be, but there were just a few too many things about the show that I started nitpicking. There were things left unanswered, which stayed in the back of my head throughout the rest of the watch.
By no means is the show bad (it’s still a god damn psychological joyride), but it personally went from top 10 to top 25.

Haibane Renmei.
I watched it years ago in the middle of a really tough time in my life when I was feeling the same way some of the characters did. It really helped me then, and reflecting on the world view of that anime has made it seem even more impressive in retrospect. I've watched a ton of anime since then but nothing has really stuck with me like that one did.

Haibane Renmei is my favorite anime followed closely by Serial Experiments Lain. Incredible stuff

FLCL. Looking back at Naota's journey to maturity makes me nostalgic about my own adolescence

I first watched FLCL when I was 14 and it was the second anime I ever saw.
I can say without a doubt that show shaped a lot of who I am. Everything about it is the embodiment of nostalgia to me.

I first saw Only Yesterday about halfway through my college career, and I liked it a lot less then than I did when I saw it as a person who had been working in an office for five years.

love this one but its hard to recommend to people for exactly that reason. It's very much a nostalgic anime and if you haven't gone through some of those experiences yet its harder to relate to.

Cowboy Bebop is the biggest one of these for me. I did like it a lot as a teen but now as an adult I can really appreciate the pure artistic quality it has to offer, which is something I didn't care about as much back in the day.

Hibike Euphonium for sure. I enjoyed it when I saw it but I only had it like at an 8. But ever since finishing it I keep thinking back on the show and relating to the wanting to improve and finding your drive, something that the show focuses on. I have since bumped it up to a 9 and I’m probably going to make it a 10 during this rewatch coming up.

Code Geass. Not saying it wasn't good the first time I watched it. It was amazing, but as I rewatched it, as time went on and (probably more importantly) as I learned more and more about philosophy and literary / narrative theory thanks to my career, it became even better. Like 1000 times better.

Koe no Katachi for me. At first most of the things it showed went over my head. As time went by though, I slowly understood it either through analyses of other people or realizing it myself. Now it's one of my favorite works in all of anime.


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