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What anime has a lighthearted start but turns into a deeper, darker story?

Looking for an anime that starts off lighthearted, something with a simple theme but as it progresses, the story gets darker and the true plot is revealed. Anything like this out there?

I haven't seen it but Don't know if the name is a spoiler so better spoiler tag Gakkou Gurashi it seems to fit.

Probably the biggest contrast I can think of between the start, and what ends up happening. Though I really do love how it keeps up the lighthearted moments because how powerful they are with the dark story happening around them.

If you want to have it the other way around look out for Kotoura-san  lul.. what a mess. The first episode was so promising in terms of how dark it could get based on the setting.

Oh yeah. Best first 10 minutes ever.

Mawaru Penguindrum

Yuki Yuna is a Hero is the best answer I think. Most of these stories reveal their true colors in short scenes at the very start (like Madoka and Higurashi for example) or reveal their cards very early (series from the most upvoted spoiler).
Princess Tutu is another one who does that nicely.
Oh, and then there's Samurai Flamenco, but it goes even further beyond. To places. Very weird places.

I thought about listing Yuki Yuna too because while there is some danger early on, it wasn't all that much, and the show had a lot of fun moments. But once the first twist comes a number of episodes in, things just keep getting worse and into some very chilling places.

Hunter × Hunter 2011


This, it starts off rather bright and exploitative and quickly turns into something much darker and sadistic.

Gakkougurashi/School Live
Madoka Magica
Yuki Yuuna is a Hero!
Those are the big ones I can think of.

Magical Girl Raising Project is one that starts off light but then gets much darker. The first scene reveals where the show is going, but even then you don't know the details, and most importantly the characters don't.
Punchline is another example. It starts off as a weird slice of life comedy that looks like it will become a harem. It then ends up becoming something completely different. It's not one that goes super dark, but it's darker than the beginning and the true plot is nothing what it appears to be at first.

Punchline is insanely underrated. I think a lot of people wrote it off due to the plot description or first few episodes, and ended up missing out on a really interesting little show.

Devilman Crybaby - be careful not to get too attached to the characters if you don't want to cry.

I wouldn't call that first episode lighthearted
Yea it gets waay darker as it goes on, but episode 1 is still pretty intense

Made In Abyss, starts as a kids adventure into a hole but ends up that hole is a one way ticket to hell.

Made in Abyss is the best and most recent example of this. Brilliant animation, voice acting, and sound. It’s phenomenal

Came here to make sure this anime was mentioned. Truly captivating fantasy in every way. And perfect anime for OP’s description

School Days

Trigun is probably one of the best examples, but in some ways I'm also thinking about mirai shounen Conan.

I thought Trigun when I read the title - it has some bleakness during the light hearted first half but man it takes a sharp turn

Madoka Magica gets consistently darker. Made in Abyss also has some absolutely brutal scenes in the latter half of the series.

Selector Infected Wixoss

Higurashi fits that description pretty well

First watched this in HS and had no idea what it was about going into it. The end of the first arc caught me so off guard.


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