Thursday, March 8, 2018

["Violet Evergarden"] Episode 9 impressions

Episode 9
"Violet Evergarden"

What is love?


I think it's a little late for that, don't you?


My protection radar is OFF THE CHARTS!!
That episode was super good tbh, almost as good as episode seven. It had the impact of a season finale. It was great seeing the past stories come together and influence Violet to keep moving forward, contrasting that the lives she's enriched can't be undone, just like the lives she's taken. Everything else was fantastic--the OST was better than ever and some of the animation quirks were really cool, like each individual raindrop soaking onto Violet and Claudia as they hit. I hope this upwards slope of quality episodes keeps going to the end.

does anyone know the name of ost and the ending song? the ost was just perfect for the whole mood of the episode

Violet Everfeels.
That felt strangely like it could have been a finale episode. Hell, the episode is even called "Violet Evergarden".

It really did. I hope we now get to see some happy Violet in the episodes to come.


Yes! We need more Violet Eversmile

Oh, so we don't exactly see how the major got Violet out of the building, that's interesting.
This kind of feels like a last episode, showing at the end all the people Violet helped. But there are still 3~4 episodes left, i wonder what will they focus on.

They said he shoved her down the stairs before the explosion, so it seemed they were pretty close to the exit.

it certainly felt like it could be the last episode. actually i immediately after finishing the episode looked up how many episodes it is supposed to have. its listed as a 14 episodes show so we still have 5 more to go !!

More ponytail Luculia!!!
And wow, that was a great final episode!!! Seriously, no idea what we will get in the next 4 episodes + OVA but i would be perfectly okay with it ending right here.

this episode sums up in one Gif.

Was that him also realizing the same question she asked?


Seeing Violet like this makes me think about the fact that there are real people out there struggling with PTSD and survivor's guilt from war like she is, but because real life isn't an anime, there's no magical letter to come along and pick them up. Violet tried to kill herself, and for far too many veterans, that ends up being the path they take because even now there's still insufficient mental health assistance being provided to veterans.

This is why I love this show. So far it's pretty accurate when it comes to disassociation.

i'm always wondering why Benedict wearing high heels like that haha

In the real world, high heels were a masculine fashion, rather than female one, for the later 19th century, early 20th century, in the European high class. Hell, motherfucking Churchill used them. It's something related the the cavalry of some country or another, and how high heels worked better with the saddle's stirrup. So, it may be something related to that.

I've got be honest. The way she loses her arms is rather stupid. One gets randomly shot off by a random soldier and the other right after by a grenade from another random soldier who had at first run away and yet doesn't seem to hurt her any other way as it then slides out of the undamaged sleeve. Other wise it was a good episode.

Yeah, that did bother me a bit. I would have expected her to immediately lose consciousness from the massive blood loss after losing her arms like this.

I think the power of the shot is what surprised me more about the first arm. I know she's a young girl but I would have thought even a gun of that caliber would have left a wound that would have led to her needing an amputation or her arm was damaged enough that the grenade would have blown it off along with her other arm.

This was a extremly good episode.


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