Thursday, March 1, 2018

[Violet Evergarden] Episode 8 impressions

Episode 8

Soldiers :"we will follow this strategy and cut through enemy li-"
Violet : "fuck your tactics i'm going in bitches!"
Oh fuck she just ran in.
Suspension of disbelief aside, it's crazy to see how effective Violet was at killing. Like, damn
The major seemed extremely frustrated with the fact that such a cute girl is a broken person/goddamn murder machine. The enemy soldiers where surprisingly all unique in terms of design; it makes the entire scene of her killing them that much more brutal. i couldn't help but think that the first enemy soldier had his own backstory/family same with all the other ones. It was a nice little touch by the creators that makes the idea of war so much more nauseating; rather than a glorious moment which we see depicted so much in other anime whenever we have a OP character.
This is what led to Violet's dream in the previous episode :
I know the lake scene got a lot of traction, but that felt too melodramatic. This scene was easily the best one in that episode, and probably the entire series so far.
I felt pretty sad and uncomfortable watching those scenes.. Something messed up about watching a kid killing others, and the way they portrayed it seemed more "fucked up" than "cool/badass"..
Edit - Also this was probably there to remind us of the "you are on fire" line from episode 1.
How long was Violet with the Major again?
Feelings aside, I'm pretty satisfied with how well Kyoani handles the "good old WWII" battle scene. Everything seems so real compared with previous anime series.
Not including Violet being OP as hell, of course.
I'd say it's more in line with WWI considering it was rifle/ artillery based
The cute ones are always the most deadly.
you know in any other context, i'd think this was a classic tsundere reaction
Eh, definitely on the tsuntsun side. Even if she was a tsundere, those eyes say "murder".
Violent Killgarden
Violet Murdergarden?
Violet Edgygarden
"Violet, that was a flawless stealth approach up until you started the fire."
"I didn't think the lighting was dramatic enough. It looks much cooler this way."
"we will commence stealth operation"
Violet : "Sure."
Come on, man. She was obviously burning the bodies to destroy any evidence of the recent happenings. Totally smart move on her part if you ask me.
this episode title should be named "Saga of Violet The Evil".
Oh damn. Tanya would make such ruthless use of Violet it wouldn't be even funny! She'd literally have her Dynasty Warriors across the fronltlines!
What a great line. LOL
"Tell me where Eren Major is!
angry Violet remind me of Angry Mikasa.
same VA tho...
That was the point, I think.
it's like i'm watching different anime with all the military stuff and action,remind me of Youjo Senki haha
the Major smilling at the end is like asking for death flag,don't do that man.
"We'll talk about this some other time" was the first death flag I saw.
First death flag I saw was when Hodgins said he was dead. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
i thought they gonna change the story when the Major got headshotted,glad i was wrong.
btw i'm guessing next episode will be another War flashback because the cliffhanger?
remember kids,always wear a Helmet on the Battlefield.
He did… and then got hit right under the helmet.
I think after last episode and this one, this image is in order.
The original episodes set this whole story, specially with the part of Violet being on fire.
And now we see in the flashback why exactly Violet cares so much about the major, plus Violet being emotionally broken in the present after realizing the truth and how much damage she has done.
The flashback is NOT complete though. We know because of the episode 1 (and the other original episodes) that the major survived the shot, Violet killed those 2 guards and lost her arms after taking the major to safety, lost consciousness and was taken by the major to a safe place before there is an explosion where the major supposedly dies.
Violet life is suffering.


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