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[Violet Evergarden] Episode 12 impressions

Episode 12

The general seemed surprised she blocked it. Was that because it was a selfless action for someone who had just told her to die or was he surprised by her metal hands? Maybe he never followed up and didn’t realize how badly she was injured after the raid. Her injuries might sway him to realize/accept that she did try to save his brother. Plus saving his life too doesn’t hurt.

≫was he surprised by her metal hands?
probably this one,if some chick went Fullmetal on my soldiers and able to deflecting a grenade launcher,i'll be surprised too.

What kind of person wouldnt be surprised if a battle doll deflected a grenade launcher shot? But in all honesty I got the vibe that it clued in to him that she lost both her arms trying to save Gilbert.

Violet Evergarden: Gilbert is (not) Dead 12.0

Violet Evergarden: 1.0 Violet are (Not) Alone.

The End of Violet Evergarden is near.

There are like two episodes left.
I'm hoping for a great send off for this series.

Hasn't episode 14 been confirmed to be an OVA that takes place earlier in the show? Because in that case, next week's episode is the actual finale of the show.

On July 4th will be released 14th episode. With bluray/dvd.

yow did those fucker just bully Bioretto-chan ?

They're fucking with the wrong girl.

Please, give her the brooch back. Don't make Hodgins go look for it off screen again... And don't make Violet any more sad...

Real talk, am I supposed to ship Cattleya with Benedict or Hodgins? Or she just collecting a harem of men, which is ok too.

I think she clearly prefers Hodgins, but yeah maybe she just wants a harem (in this case Benedict could be a toyboy I guess)

The best route. Benedict is a real snack after all

I think Cattleya and Benedict are of the rare and elusive type of duo that are never interested in each other.

What happened to the brooch?

Asking the important question, I see

If you go back and pause it right near the end of the episode when the Brigadier General climbs back onto the train after the grenade blast, you can see it just barely. He still has it in his hands so for the moment, it's still on the train and possibly recoverable!

This was probably the first episode in a while where I didn’t cry like a baby. I wasn’t expecting an action-packed episode. I even had my Violet Ever-Tissues ready for the waterworks.
But I really hope Violet gets her brooch back, since it’s the last and only thing she has from the Major...

≫This was probably the first episode in a while where I didn’t cry like a baby
look at the pattern,this episode is just like episode 8 again(unexpected action episode),they probably going to make us cry again in the next ep,just like episode 9...

I even watched it first to wash the tears away with other stuff
(Then I forgot Yuru Camp was already over)

≫But I really hope Violet gets her brooch back, since it’s the last and only thing she has from the Major...
nah, as the show process she need to move on so this is the time for the brooch to disappear.

Just asking the source readers. Why did the soldiers attack her with bayonets instead of just shooting her?

Violet's athletic ability has been downplayed a ton from the source. She was getting shot at and deflecting bullets with her sword like a Jedi vs an army of Droids lmao. I have to imagine KyoAni wrote themselves into a corner here. Violet is a badass OP superhuman in the novel who is immune to bullets, but KyoAni wanted Violet to be a human character. Unfortunately, the plot at times requires Violet to perform superhuman feats, which clashes.
There's this one part where Benedict's motorcycle breaks down in the middle of nowhere, and Benedict suggests asking for help. Violet's response is like "Nah, it's cool, lemme just do a quick sprint all the way back to Leiden and back"
A actual answer would be that it's pretty hard to shoot stuff while standing on the top of a moving train. Remember that trains are actually really long, which isn't quite apparent from the angles the anime is shot from.

Much better comment than the one above you. Episode was good, and that split second end with her eyes made my emotions jump.

For someone who insists that Violet is just a tool to be ordered around it's interesting that Dietfried never directly ordered Violet to do anything dangerous. Like the first time Violet showed up he told her to get off the train. After Violet asked for the first time if she can have orders, Dietfried instantly gets mad and goes "All you want after all is orders!" but never actually gave her one.
The only time he said something that was like an order to Violet is to stay in the passenger car and "Protect the others", he never once told Violet to "Come with me." or "I need you to kill these people.". He tried giving her a gun but it was more like him taunting Violet to go back to how she was before. Also if he really wanted Violet to die he could've just left her there to be killed and shot at the enemy captain while he was busy executing Violet.
I'm going to guess here that Dietfried is just redirecting his anger towards Violet and blames himself partly for Gilbert's death. I guess the last episode will be about closure for Dietfried and Violet. Depending on how they do this the score of this show will either go higher or will suddenly plummet. Either way I am curious what KyoAni has in store for us next week.

It's probably more of a love hate relationship, since Violet was the one the Major left behind, but on the other hand also the person the brother sees as responsible for the Major's death.

She's a constant reminder of his brother's death. It's possible he hoped that Violet would protect Gilbert but she failed.
He might be thinking "Why are you the one that lived. You're a weapon, you should have died with the war"

The series music is pretty impressive. That moment when violet deflects the grenade. Her character is developing really well, her selfless actions may sway diethart's mind but the cliffhanger ending. Boy I remember why I used to not watch weekly now.


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