Friday, March 23, 2018

[Violet Evergarden] Episode 11 impressions

Episode 11
"I Don't Want Anybody Else To Die"


Violet was actually animated in 1s (24fps) for the majority of that shot to emphasize her speed.

Violet : "psssh nothin personnel kiddo".

The production here is superb as usual (it is this show's strong point), but the Naruto run felt a little out of place here.

I wonder if theres a canon reason for that run - like she cant control her robot arm swing properly or it puts her off balance when she runs.

I think she does it during the war as well.

Guess I should be used to crying every Thursday by now

Violet Evergarden?
More like Cryalot Oniongarden, i love this show

Won't lie, I was starting to get disappointed with the show around 4 episodes in, there were a lot of comments about how the show was unfaithful as an adaptation, the plot going haywire and seemingly non existent, etc. and a lot of it made sense at the time.
However, watching the last few episodes, I don't really care for what it does different or what it tries to be, IT'S THE BEST SHOW THIS YEAR OASMFOAMFOMGOASGMDOAIJFIO it's SO good
Every episode in the last few weeks have been superbly executed, and so endearing and cathartic to watch... Cry evrytim... U alrdy kno..

3 more episode. I am definitely gonna miss this show.

Isn't the 14th episode supposed to be an ova so we won't see it for a while? Kinda like with Dragon Maid, 14 episodes but the valentines one didn't come out till like months later.

Yup, the fourth volume releases on July 4th, so it'll be 3 months exactly (since the last episode airs on April 4th, and is on Netflix on the 5th).

And today is the last episode of Yuru Camp so there's nothing to calm my weary heart

Yuru camp is the fun camping anime that buffers the sad anime of Violet Evergarden before your weekend starts so that you will appreciate your life more.

poor boy,showing us his GF photo like that is like asking for death flag..

about 2 minutes in and i just knew Aidan is gonna die.

In fairness, this time around, farmboy with a photo of his childhood sweetheart in his had was actually the last to die in his platoon.

The death flag was AOE.

As sad as Aidan's passing was I'm glad that they didn't go for the "Violet saves the day" route. That would've ruined this episode for me. Instead we get to see Violet doing what she can to repent from her past sins and try to help out a dying illiterate soldier write and send his letter to his parents and childhood friend.
"I'm sorry that I wasn't able to protect him."
This line at the end though. I feel like this wasn't just Violet saying sorry to Aidan's parents but her apologizing to herself for not being able to save Gilbert. It makes sense considering Aidan's final moments saying I love you to Maria must've reminded her of what happened in the past.
And I just love how every episode, Violet gets progressively more expressive with her emotions. We still have 3 episodes left so I'm really curious how she will be at the end of this series.

What I'm really curious about is...
...when, in his final moments, Aidan mouthed (no sound, no subs) what appears to be "Aishiteru" ("I love you") right after he audibly says Maria's name (in the middle of him visualizing reuniting with her), and we see Violet react to it slightly...
...Is this the moment Violet finally gets her answer to what Gilbert's "I love you" meant?
Or is it merely surprise at the similarity between Aidan's and Gilbert's passing and final words or something and she remains unsure?

from what I could tell, the words Maria said were "Aishiteru" and the words he mouthed in his final moment were "Aishiteru yo". It was likely that what we didn't see is him continue to mouth words from the scene we saw, so Violet lipread the "kisu-shite"

I'm pretty sure Violet heard it as "Aishiteru". I think it's more that Violet finally came to the realisation of the significance of the meaning behind the utterance.
The kiss can have 2 meanings. On the surface is Violet comforting a dying Aidan in his last moments. More importantly, it is Violet expressing her answer to Gilbert upon finally understanding what he truly meant on that fateful day.

I get the distinct impression that I'd be an emotional wreck if I were ever to binge watch this show

i binged watch from episode 4 to 10, i can't open my eyes well that night from all the crying.


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