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[Violet Evergarden] Episode 10 impressions

Episode 10
"Loved Ones Will Always Watch Over You"

I knew the lady was dying really early on, and I expected the letters to be for something like taking care of her daughter, but that was amazing. Anne lost her mother as a child, and then gets to grow up with her mother still giving her advice, or at least loving encouragement, for a long time to come.
But making Violet cry??? God thats painful. But she also now CAN feel and hold it back like that, which is so good. Really bittersweet episode. I wish it'd stop raining.

Same. When she said she was holding back tears the whole time I broke. I originally got into this show because it seemed like an interesting slow paced drama like The Ancient Magus Bride but I did not sign my feel trip for Cryalot Evergarden.

Ever since the first few episodes where I had intense feels I prepare every time I watch the show for feels. The first time I broke was at the funeral, I had to pause the show. Then I broke again at the point you mention.
I was not ready for the magnitude of feels. God I love this show.

I must be soft coz I broke down when the daughter broke down. There's nothing more painful to see than a child who knows his/her parent's time is almost up. Jeez, this show just puts things into perspective for me, especially since I have a bunch of nephews and nieces already.

I started tearing up right from the start, since I got enough hints from the visitors talking about her daughter and went through the thoughts that the daughter eventually voiced out.
At this point I just embrace it from start to finish, I'm more surprised that the episode managed to pull new punches from start to finish. I also like how it showed how far Violet has come as a person since the first episode.

What's funny enough is that I was cynical at the beginning of the episode. The story felt like by the books to me. Dying single parent, young rich daughter who probably doesn't know what's happening, Violet coming in to write the mother's will. I'm glad I was wrong.

They did a splendid job of capturing a child's brutal honesty in this episode. Anne is wise beyond her years. And oof, Violet's wince when Anne mentioned the war.
I knew as soon as the mom said the letters were "for someone far away" they'd be sent to future Anne. Fuck, right in the feels. That ending montage was beautiful, really great episode.

I dont know why I didnt realize that earlier... I really thought they were letters for what to do with her estate and stuff

I thought they were letters for family to care for ann, it didnt hit me until the first letter was delivered and then it was all rain from there on out

Brb calling my mom ;_;

i legit calling my mother on a whim after watching this ep,goddam anime hit me so hard...

Mine died of illness when I was 11 so this hit me extra hard :(

"No letter that could be sent deserves to go undelivered"
based Postman Santa,his legacy lives on.

screw the Major,Violet X Santa is OTP!

A few factors make Violet's cry more complex than simply sorrow or being touched:
1.Violet herself is much likely to be an orphan (or grew up without parental love)
2.Violet herself became lonely after losing major because of the war, and she deeply knows how painful loneliness is.
3.Violet knows how much it sucks when one has to watch his/her most beloved gradually die in front of his/her. And it sucks more when one is reluctant to acknowledge, but has to accept the fact.
4.Violet cares a lot about the little girl as if she was Violet's own children, because the little girl did regard her as a "mother substitute".

I like this ep a lot because it shows how much empathy Violet has developed. She was an orphan (and adopted by a fucking psychopath who trained her to kill people without remorse) who never knew a mother's love, but was able to understand it and feel sad that Anne was losing that love forever.

Fucking 10/10 episode,this ep along with episode 5 are my favorite.

No idea if this is a hot take or not, but I personally prefer these one off vignettes much more than when the show focuses on the main story.

I don't know how many more/which stories the anime will adapt, but the light novels are mostly individual stories about Violet and her "client of the chapter" if you will. The second volume has less stories, but I do really like some of the visits.

Squishy Violet :3

The amount of detail put into that squish, it even shows how her left eyelid droop with the pulled skin wow

So cute and heartwarming

10/10 episode.
Been awhile since I've cried this much and the waterworks are still flowing.
Just fantastic.


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