Saturday, March 3, 2018

[Toji no Miko] Episode 9 impressions [Sword-wielding Shrine Maidens]

Episode 9
"After the Festival"

Now the title 'Toji no Miko' makes so much more sense.

My thoughts exactly. I like it when such trivia are explained.

And here I thought it was just because it sounded nice.

I thought it was just because they fought spirits.

uh, I missed it, why does it make more sense?

They didn't play a role of shrine maidens so far. They were much closer to a role of soldiers / highschoolers, specialized against a specific type of enemy.
However, this episode explains why they should also play the role of miko, guarding the shrines and the noro - a role that was removed from them when military research on the noro started.
"Toji" refers to their fighting abilities, that were readily shown so far ; "Miko" refers to their passive guardian role, which wasn't explained until now.

Welp, we're back to being on the run. I am happy that at least one of the elite four isn't using aradama, and hopefully this one might be redeemable, but she is coughing up blood, so I'm not sure if she will continue to overdue it and die for it :(

... she's also a crazy psychopath.
But I admit that I dislike Yume less after this episode, because her anger to being called an aradama user is, finally, an emotion from her that I can understand.

Well, she gloats and seems pretty crazy, but she has never killed or really hurt anyone seriously, and she seems to back off sometimes. So maybe she isn't quite as psycho as one might be led to believe.

She seems to fight in order to forget something about herself. Maybe she hates herself because of this disease that makes her weak, and has trained all the way to a crazy level in order to be "strong" and not "weak", or maybe she fights in order to not face the fear of dying, having her mind being occupied with fighting. Maybe that is why she hates being bored, because that only makes the disease appear in her mind and how weak she actually is and how easily she can die.

I wonder if Kanami having "dreams" where she can interact and train with her mother is somehow related to her sword. If so, I wonder if Hiyoyon has similar dreams.
It's nice to have the title explained and we are on the run yet again!

We had a bath scene! Toji no Miko really is the second coming of Ange Vierge!

So Toji were supposed to be mikos until the Origami family militarized them in order to start harvesting noro for military uses? Interesting.
And the girls are back on the run again. so much for having a base of operations. Meanwhile Yume appears to have the incurable cough of death.

Jealous Kaoru a cute!!!
The exposition at the beginning was a bit too much and not a lot really happened in this episode, hopefully the Mai fighting thing gets solved fast and we can just have the girls kicking ass... or at least not just running away

Fun chill week. Of course we get our hot springs scene. Underated gem of the season. SWAT teams and Toji battling was something i didnt know i needed.



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