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[Toji no Miko] Episode 12 impressions [Sword-wielding Shrine Maidens]

Episode 12
"A Single Sword"

I can't believe Yume slept through all that ;_;

She ded though...

Yes... She's just getting some rest and will be back in good condition in second cour 😅

We can only hope.

So... did we win?

Maybe? It don't look Yukari really died to me, just changed into weird white light.
Maybe there's more to the story in second cour or season?

Kanami's mother really was the strongest Toji.

Why no one comment on how Hiyori literally prepared to sacrifice herself to seal Aradama, pair up with a good duet song sang by Hiyori(&Kanami). It was an emotional scene there for Hiyori getting all bye-bye but then Kanami just go and woke up suddenly saving Hiyori, I’m like: “seriously?” give me back my tears lol.

I might not be following things very well, but I'm pretty sure Kamami did exactly what her mother did for Hiyori's mom, which means there's a decent chance they just sacrificed quite a bit of their lives the way their parents did. I suspect the second cour will touch on that, so I wouldn't start complaining yet.
Kinda similar to Yuki Yuna, only this time we don't have to wait three years for the conclusion (also better action and tone IMO)

Speaking of that insert song, 今この身が果てようとも, they put up a listen video for it on YT. Apparently, the full version will be released on May 23 with the 2nd OP, 進化系Colors.

Thank you for the link!

Sorry, so just to confirm next week is a recap version then? Understandable, but man after all that happened today I'm eager to see what now lies ahead.

Yes next ep is a recap of ep 1-12

So that was most definitely the final battle episode. Our heroes have shown their growth and how they work together, learned about the villain's origins, and then heroically prevailed. SO WHAT THE HELL IS ANOTHER COUR GONNA BE ABOUT?! I'm legit super curious, because I don't think I've ever seen a show do that. Note that I'd be 120% okay with the rest of the show just being a SoL. The more we get to see these two idiots the better.
Yukari has a top tier design
Fuck, I was hoping Yume would survive somehow

Well thats pretty simple, we are going to move to America and follow the story of Kamuris granddaughter. She is going to meet up with Hiyoris granddaughter, Mr Friedman transformed into robot full of guns and old Ellen constantly losing her shit on an epic fight against 4 great pillar aradama.
btw second season Yukari definitely gonna come back, calling it now.

Yeah, THIS felt like an ending, and if it was, I would totally say this anime was really good. The characters all started from somewhere, gave a reason to fight and progressed until it finally happened, which was great, it executed where it needed to and where most anime really can't/don't.

I would be fine with another 12 episodes of just casual duelling. Also maybe a way for Kanami to surpass Minato?

I get the feeling that since Hiyori's sealing was interrupted that Princess Tagitsu isn't actually finished.
Also, I'm going to predict that Hiyori even initiating the sealing technique has a price that she and Kanami will pay. I'll go on a wild guess that the lights dispersing at the end were fragments of their souls or something if that wasn't somehow Princess Tagitsu.

I feel like we are still owed an explanation about Minato. In this episode she manifested outside of Kanami's dream, so the cat is out of the bag. The next cour could be about the true nature of the netherworld and noro or someting similar.

I think she responded to when Kanami called out ''mother!''.
We will probably know once we get the next dream segment tho.
Would be a baller final episode if it turns out to be Minato vs Kanami final fight.

≫Fuck, I was hoping Yume would survive somehow
I'm still hoping for some special noro magic or property that no one has discovered yet to allow the old Yume to come back once her body is reanimated. I'm going to accept the worst ass pulls they can throw us if it means that we can have more Yume.

Sadly i dont think its possible , u saw her eyes stagnated already , she is dead and i hate it , out of all the characters she was the only one to die (maybe yukari) it feels really bad esp because of her backstory but i guess it was a deathflag since the first time she spat blood. Bittersweet ending of the first cour for me she was def a character to look more forward to.

I have no idea what's the second cour gonna be about but so far this has been a 8/10 show for me.
Minato is badass as hell. I'd like there to be an arc about Minato in the upcoming cour.

Four bladed eye demon is definitely the hairstyle of the season.
I am surprised they went through with killing Yume and didn't miracle cure her with friendship or something. Pretty enjoyable anime and I am curious what will happen in the second half.

12 episodes of recap. endless 12 here we come

Great episode with great music. Some of the CGI was a bit choppy but guess that much can be forgiven.


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