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[Toji no Miko] Episode 11 impressions [Katana Maidens]

Episode 11
"Gleam of Moonlight"

Man I know she's a villain but I felt really bad for Yume. I hope she gets a happy ending somehow.
What's her bitchface teacher I hope gets whooped.

I really hope shes not dead and neither do i hope she transforms into an aradama.. lets just hope she gets found and treated. Her backstory got to me even tho shes a "villain" she deserves better. ALSO why is this anime so fucking underrated?

Honestly based on the description it seemed super generic. I picked it up only a couple weeks ago and it exceeds its expectations but at the same time those same expectations kept a lot of people from watching.

Because the first two episodes were terrible.

The vast majority of people dropped it at the end of episode 1 because it looked like our MC saved an assassin/traitor from being executed because she wanted a proper battle. Most people didn't even make it to the end of episode 2 to hear Kanami explain the actual reason.
Ironically the end of episode 1 is what hooked me. Because I thought there was no way that was the actual reason Kanami saved Hiyonyon. It was way too flimsy and she wasn't particularly earnest when saying it.

This much fighting scenes and actually amazing choreography? Whenever there's a sword fight in other series it usually ends in a couple of seconds with MC slaying 30 guys at once. I love this duels and sword fights. Damn, this series is getting better and better..

This episode really confirms how badass Kanami is. Moderate to high expectations for next ep. for me

I have no idea what to expect as we are just only reaching the midpoint. So much has happened already and this feels like a finale but there's still a whole another cour.

It really means only one of two things, the second half will either be them picking up the pieces of a hollow victory only to fight the returning villain later or them living in a world where the villain won and slowly raising the resistance again to beat them.

Oh come on show. I've already decided that I'll hate Yume no matter what and now you decided to show me her backstory while she's bleeding all over the place struggling to walk? No fair! T_T Also I'm starting to like how she refuses to use an Aradama no matter what. I guess she's only using it to extend her life and not to give her an edge in a fight.

Show she has honor, explain her reasons, have her be critically wounded and struggling. It's like "how to make a villain likable" 101. So why does it work so well in this case ?

She's like a little Zaraki Kenpachi with pink hair and terminal lung cancer

Damn, I was basically going to say the same thing but you beat me to it! Now I want some fanart of Kenpachi and Yume practicing manic slasher smiles together haha

Good episode and good fights.
Suzuka looks so happy lol.

I'm a bit disappointed that we had so little characterization for Suzuka so far. Yume became likable, Maki unlikable, and Yomi now is even more clearly a doll. But I don't know how to feek towards Suzuka.

That was actually a very good characterization for Yume. A prodigy who gets her life cut short due to an illness, so she never gets a chance to fulfill her ambitions? That's a very solid backstory and it really justified her a bit crazy behavior and why she finds so much delight in fighting other people.

Good episode. I really, really, really don't want Yume to be dead! I hope she'll be alright, this show doesn't seem to like killing it's characters (they could have killed the younger Origami sister last episode for shock value, but didn't), and Yume is one of the most interesting character, so I don't think she's dead. And the preview shows her on her tree with the 1st guard, so she's apparently not dead. Sayaka and Mai make a great pair and a great ship btw.

I'm not so sure about that. The preview doesn't mean that she survived, and even if she did, after Maki was defeated by Kanami and Hiyori, she became obsessed so I'm not sure she will even want to help Yume.
I really don't want her to die, but I'll try to keep my hopes down.

Well, she looked kind of alive, she was looking at maki I think, I might be wrong through. But yeah, I really don't understand Maki, she seems to be quite dignified and to be the most legit of the guards, but I really can't tell what she's up to.

Ow my heart, that Yume bit got me. She had so much she wanted to achieve but got the short end of the stick. I'm scared of what the aradama in her is going to do, just leave her alone please. ;_;
That preview doesn't look too good, looks like Kanami will remember dream mum but at the cost of losing her connection to her possibly caused by the fight with Yukari seeing as she just sorta absorbed a lifetime's worth of noro.

The fights on this show keep looking great
just about halfway through the show and it looks like we could get a conclusion in 1-2 episodes, so what the rest of the episodes are about should be interesting

Wow Yume.
That backstory, her being so overjoyed and the fact that she doesn't want to use aradama power. Only took one episode to make her my favourite character, that got me. DONT BE DEAD!

Happy Katana Friday, everyone!
I really hope Yume survives somehow, but it's not looking good. Still, we got a great episode with some awesome fights, and I can't wait for next week!

I knew last weeks episode was just the prelude leading to somethinf big. Mecha Samurais vs Alien Samurais. Thats something I didnt know I needed

Not alien. More like demon.

Was not expecting terminally ill card to be played, but I guess I can understand how she's pick loyal guards if she went after vulnerable weak dying people and give them strength.
Anyway, why didn't her family come to see her in hospital? That sucks

Really hope this isn't the end for Yume, she's honestly the most interesting character in the show by far.
this shot fucked with my perspective, her hand looks fucking massive at first glance.

My poor girl. :'(


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