Saturday, March 10, 2018

[Toji no Miko] Episode 10 impressions [Katana Maidens]

 Episode 10
"Resolve for Tomorrow"

That missile scene is pretty cool, remind me symphogear.

And for some reason the armour reminds me of Tracer from Overwatch.
Hype for next episode though.

The way Toji zip around when in Utsushi mode also looks kinda like Tracer.

Kanami's Mom got me all hyped with this line

I gotta hand it to Oraigami, she looks badass...
This is getting better and better, to the point where I'm confused as to where are we going with this story. We are only 10 episodes in and they're already launching a full attack on Origami base? Damn, what is going to happen in the remaining 14 episodes?
I'm a bit disappointed with Akane's talk. She said she'd reveal everything but she briefly even touched the subject...

So they are just charging in??? Cool but we still have 14 episodes left, i doubt it'll work x)
Akane-tan so kyute!

I keep forgetting that this is two-cour. I wonder if this goes the Gurren Lagann way of having two distinct big story arcs.

I wonder. At the pace this is going, it could work and introduce a new enemy later... Or have Yukari escape while the attack is successful, leading to a completely different arc in either scenario.
But in any case, I didn't expect things to go so fast.
The best things is, the time frame means that the Toji from Mokuza who were taken prisoners won't be used for experiments if this succeeds or at least makes a few people realize what's going on.

Oh, that's a good point.
Would be interesting seeing them win the battle, but lose the war, with them getting back control of everything back, but Origame getting away.
That way they actually make progress, but still have a looming danger over them, as Origame is godlike at this point.

Well, that was a really good episode. I got really worried for Akane, with the snipers aiming at her and Takatsu promising to kill her, I wasn't sure she'd survive the episode. I was glad she made it okay, I guess they figured killing the sister of the boss in front of the medias wouldn't be a very good publicity stunt. Now I'm hyped by the upcoming fight, I want to see the suits in action.

What the hell?! This plot is actually moving, going places and it's getting exciting!
Still, I'm pretty sure it's gonna be this show's "Day of Black Sun". A grand plan, a spectacular failure, and then round 2. FUN!

My thoughts exactly, rip people who dropped this early on.

What a nice prelude to the climax. The players are set, now we just need to see how the board plays out.
I was a bit scared that the sniper would shot Origami as soon as the rockets fired, glad she's not a casualty. Well, the whole anime will probably play out without casualties, except maybe some of the antagonists. But probably not.

The music on this episode was on point throughout this episode. The feelings were so specific and well-crafted, whether it was Yukari doing some sort of Aradama ritual with ethnic drums climaxing to horns at the perfect moment (a rare choreographed piece rarely seen in anime), to the piano riff as Mai was declared leader, and the hype music during Akane's speech and that epic liftoff!
I feel the story suddenly begun. It might be a bit earlier to just storm in so easily, but I expect things to be a bit complex going into the 2nd cour. I'm very interested to see where it goes! Apparently, the game's release is scheduled around the time the 2nd cour starts, so there might be some kind of a new arc to tie in with that?
Hype episode, even without fights!
One thing that's kinda irked me has been the token guy. His voice actor has been kinda dry, and the last couple of episodes gave him a lot of dialogue, so I'm glad he is likely going to be much less prevalent here-on-out.

It would appear as though the climax is about to start. However, this is a 24 episode show, so what's going to happen in the second half if they kill the main villain now?
For those that don't know, Toji no Miko is getting a mobile game. The mobile game's set of main characters is different to the anime characters. I personally think we will see what happens from the point of view of the game characters, as the game and anime take place at the same time but from different people's point of view.
Or, you know, just a new villain. No idea how they'd implement a new villain, though. The current one feels like the proper bad guy.

It sucks that this show shot itself in the foot as the first few weeks were pretty subpar. This show is hitting overdrive now and it is really starting to to trend towards excellence. I feel like a lot more people would have stuck through if the first few were a lot better. The story is good, likable characters, and a legitimate antagonist. A real shame though as this is 2 cour as well. I guess whoever is left, we are sticking through til the end :)

I got goosebumps from watching that last bit. Damn, shit's about to go down. And it ain't even half over yet wtf. Definitely one of my favorites this season, a shame not too many of us stuck around long enough to reach this point

Does that mean there was no one protecting Akane if the sniper did fire?
Also, that episode was really great and I loved the inter-character and hype and stuff, but I couldn't help be worried about best headmaster and stuff in the background.
I loved how...iunno, gundam? The last scene was. We got our Lacus Clyne rebel princess giving a speech about hope to the misinformed masses on a submarine while our protagonists launch to assault the corrupt leadership. It's so cooooool. I'm a neeeerd
If this is a day of black sun, I hope they execute the post-loss world well. Dealing with your opponent actually reaching full power and taking over can make or break the rest of the show.

There were TV stations directly aiming at her with cameras... I think even those guys can't shoot someone live on TV. Especially after she surrendered and didn't had any armament at all. Thats at least how I think about this situation.


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