Sunday, March 11, 2018

[Takunomi.] Episode 9 impressions [Drinking at Home]

Episode 9
"Otoko Ume Sour"

It's Hotaru! So that's where she ran off to! I see Michiru's also picked up Hotaru's "Ottimo!"

On Japanese TV, Takunomi shares the same time slot with Dagashi Kashi and airs after it, which makes this collaboration even more amazing. Also, here's a drawing of Hotaru by Haruto Hino, Takunomi's author

Beach episode next week!!!!

And more drunk Kae.

Sexy Dynamite Kae.

Whoever is doing the subs for this is taking the job of translating on screen text way too seriously. I don't need to see the words OTOKO UME SOUR every time someone lifts a can.

It would be fine if they were overwriting the on-screen text, but having it in addition is a bit much for clarity. It's the same feeling as when several people are talking at the same time.

Yeah, this is where real typesetting really helps

And here I thought that the relation between these two shows will only go as far as the joint screening they did for Episode 1 and this clear file that they released. Now they need to do the opposite and have younger Michiru show up in Dagashi Kashi 2!

Younger, why? That a flashback to a different shop while she was out searching for the father.

Looks like we getting a new girl next week? Nao is still too precious. Best grill keeps rolling. This show along with Dagashi Kashi and Koizumi Raman Noodles gives us food lovers the true fanservice we all desperately need.

All according to Keikaku

All this time we were wondering where Hotaru in Dagashi Kashi has disappeared to, turns out she's gone over here. Guess the crossover works as this series shares the same manga publisher as Dagashi Kashi, as well as airs right after Dagashi Kashi on Channel TBS.
Hotaru's cameo is even properly credited in the ED.
Also that Death Note "Just as Keikaku" meme. Lol

So who was little Hotaru looking for in that dagashi shop? Was it before or after this scene?

I think it was after that scene. The Hotaru in today's Episode looked way older. Though she also had long hair, so probably the Hotaru from today's scene was before S1 of Dagashi Kashi

Truth. Umaibo are yummy. I just wish my Amazon order of them would just hurry up and get here, already!

Like Nao, my weekend keikaku involves drinking. In my case, it's gonna be szarlotka cocktails and IPAs.


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