Saturday, March 3, 2018

[Takunomi] Episode 8 impressions [Drinking at Home]

Episode 8

\Sexy Dynamite Kae!/


Did anyone else find Sexy Dynamite Kae fondling that karaage slightly erotic?

She could fondly my karaage any day

Hibiki is fantastic. Decided to have a glass with this episode.

New girl Hanamori seems nice. Cheering up her bummed kohai with a few drinks and even a story that makes you wonder how did she manage to stay in the business.

She's the real MVP this week! What she said about speed to Michiru is almost word-for-word the same thing I told a new hire this week.

I want to try a Kaku Highball now

Just realized there hasn't been much on Michiru's work life ever since the 2nd episode, so this is a change in scenery.
Hanamori is voiced by Yasuno Kiyono, AKA One True Megumi.
While Michiru's boss is Tobita Nobuo, best known as Kamille Bidan in Zeta Gundam and The Major in Hellsing.

Wow, this might be the first episode where alcohol actually took a backseat to the rest of the story. Can't say I dislike the shift in focus to Michiru's work life. So many "me irl" moments, from struggling to get things done on time, to oversleeping, to being a complete wreck when speaking in front of people ... why do I have to relate to all of that so badly.

Mich in the office was flat out hilarious. Everyone gets those jitters during presentations. Glad we got our weekly does of best grill Nao as well.

It's whisky time! Unfortunately I opened a 750 mL bottle of Chimay Grande Réserve before I started the episode or I would've had some whiskey too.
I like Hanamori-senpai - wouldn't mind seeing more of her.
I've only had Japanese whisky once and I forget what it was. I don't usually drink highballs but I'm gonna go see if the liquor store has any Japanese whisky and make a highball with it.


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