Sunday, March 18, 2018

[Takunomi.] Episode 10 impressions [Drinking at Home]

Episode 10
"Orion Beer"

Turns out that it wasn't the beach episode that I hoped for, but we still got plenty of Sexy Dynamite Kae. I still think the guys who reject her have no taste, although I'll admit that her and Nao's habit of getting drunk as hell when drinking could be a tiny part of the reason why.
Swimsuit Michiru!

Speaking from experience, yeah, that's probably it. Anime makes it look cute, but being drunk as hell is anything but cute. Last game day I was at with some friends the girl got pretty drunk and it kinda killed the whole mood.

it's kind of bizarre that I go out of my way weekly to watch a 10 minute commercial for products I have zero means of purchasing.

All these booze I wish I could try man....

I went to japan for vacation last summer. One of the greatest things was the availability of booze in konbinis and cheap prices. A lot of them were low content but man were they tasty.

Whoever broke Kae's heart must be one crazy motherucker.

Despite having no teenage girls in this show, the girls here are just too cute that I'm getting diabetes. And seeing them drinking booze on top of being diabetically cute just exacerbates the diabetes. :)
Shame the episode does not show Makoto in a bikini, but at least we get the cutest Makoto reaction ever so far.

I totally agree Nao.
I wonder if back massage scenes are becoming a new thing in fan service, especially with older characters. I guess it's a good excuse to get some high-quality audio out of the VAs. Though even without the bikini and massage shots, Kae's turtleneck along with Nao's summer dress were super cute too.

Why is this show the most relatable thing this season
What has become of my life

getting too old for high school?

I mean, yeah, birthrates are low, but you are making her cry

That's what artificial insemination is for.

Yeah but who though? Does she have a brother? Does the two sisters? Unlikely. I mean I guess it could just be a sperm bank but...

That's why we need science babies

This is why I love science. This, and catgirls genetic engineering.

I want to go to Okinawa too 😢😢😢


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