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[Sora yori mo Tooi Basho] Episode 9 impressions [A Place Further Than The Universe]

Episode 9
"Antarctic Love Story(Blizzard Arc)"

The flashback where Gin hears Takako on the radio for (I assume) the last time was absolutely chilling and amazingly done. Fuck I love this show.

These are the moments where I love anime the most

During that scene I was like: "You can't just do that to people." As tears poured out of my eyes

Takako's soft and calm voice contrasted against Gin's sheer terror is what sold the scene for me. Takako knew these were her last moments and Gin was aware of it too on some level while being completely hopeless.
This is the type of stuff you see in war movies, not anime. Fucking hell, this show, man...

I liked Takako's last words. It was short and within the realm of what you might expect someone dying of hypothermia to say. They wouldn't be feeling cold at that point, just calm and sleepy.
The sentiment reminded me of Steve Jobs last words "Oh Wow. Oh Wow. Oh Wow." Being about to die but entranced by something beautiful.

 don't think she was hallucinating so much as she actually found what she was seeing in her last moments beautiful. I think right after that scene, it cuts to Shirase looking up at the "stars" Takako painted on the top bunk. So she probably saw the night sky as she lost consciousness.

I don't think you can see the night sky in a blizzard, but nevertheless, I think Takako was seeing the Antartica she'd dreamed of in her mind's eye and the most thematically important part was that she wasn't focusing on regret for the risks she'd taken to get there in her last moments, even as she ran into the worst-case scenario. Whether or not what she was real or not, I think that the lack of regret in her last words was the critical element of the scene since it ties into the show's larger ideas of pursuing big scary dreams despite the very real risks of failure.


Did anyone noticed that Gin broke the fucking headrest
God I love Ishizuka, her directing is always top-notched

Headrest in peace.
I'm sorry, I'll show myself out

That after credits scene was such a nice touch. A great episode in a series that had been overall stellar.
I'm actually starting to worry for it now. With such heights reached by EP9, it's either going downhill from here, or it's gonna go further than the universe...

Gotta be that last option...right?

The OP does have a UFO in the title card drawing...

Pulling Shirase comparison:

They are getting stronger

Shirase's getting stronger. The rest are getting weaker.
In episode 2, Kimari and Hinata pry her off the pole and toss her.
In episode 9, the three of them working together can't manage to budge her.

Yuzuki's arms aren't moving, so she probably isn't helping much.

For some reason this anime has the strange power of making me emotional pretty much every single episode. The last scene, where Shirase is shouting "In your face!" was just so satisfying somehow. :') Good episode!

This episode showed that Shirase and Gin are very much alike, and she did inherit Gin's spirit, as Shirase's mother had hoped. Chibi Shirase is adorable and I keep being moved by how this show handles relationships. Gin and Takako's friendship was beautiful

I never knew that ramming the ice with the shipbreaker in Antartic would be too emotional and IN YOUR FACE! Also that chibi Shirashe is a cutie.

The part where they say that they'll keep breaking the ice anyway was really motivational. I'm having a hard week and Sora Yori is such a gem.

Same here. Their story is motivational and inspiring, it reminds us to keep pushing forward despite the odds and when we are at the top of our dreams, we will just yell to them "IN YOUR FACE".


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