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[Sora yori mo Tooi Basho] Episode 13 impressions [A Place Further than the Universe]

Episode 13
"We'll Go On Another Journey Someday"

Shirase did get a reply from Takako in the end
Till the very end, I loved this show. This episode gave me so many reasons to. Shirase cutting her hair and giving Gin the laptop to show that she's moved on and Megu-chan being at the Arctic, which was beautiful moment for her and Kimari. This was a great ending to a great series. I'll miss them

Megu being in the Arctic was so unexpected for me, but so very heartwarming. Kimari and co inspired others with their journey.
I'm really gonna miss this show.

Megumi visiting the Arctic was actually foreshadowed!
In episode 10, when Kimari is talking about Megu, we see her lying in bed reading a travel guidebook for polar regions.
Not a single wasted frame in this show, goddamn.

Wow...I'd noticed that, but at the time I'd figured she was just reading that to see what Kimari was going through. That's really the perfect level of subtlety...obvious in hindsight while not being out of place in the moment. They weren't fucking around with this show.

≫Megu being in the Arctic was so unexpected

When Shirase turned around with her mother's haircut I turned into a baby. Then the laptop again and the aurora...
This show was so beautiful. Who would have known this would be one of my new favorites.
I am also going to need that ending song.

Here you go

The ED for this show is so good. There are just some which manage to work their way from an episode's final scene into the credits in a way that can genuinely move you. It doesn't happen often, so I always really appreciate when it's done well. It's like it's a mixture of being both happy and melancholy at the same time (I want to know if there's a word for it because there are a few tracks I've heard which can incite both emotions depending on how they're used). It's definitely my favourite ED of the season.

I have to say Kana Hanazawa blew it out of the park with this show. There were so many good scenes with Shirase, both serious and comedic. I think my favorite was when she was buying the plane tickets for Hinata. She's definitely the VA of the season for me.

All of them were awesome. But expected by this cast.

Every aspect of this production was so polished. The writing, the voice acting, the animation, the music. It was all incredible. Everyone involved should be proud of this masterpiece, as they all played a part in how powerful and moving it is.

KanaHana is an incredible VA, sadly she has been typecasted too much purely for her soft voice.
But her other roles like Ichiko in Binbougami ga! blow that easily out of the water.

Tuesdays just got a little sadder with this show done. This was definitely my anime of the season. An excellent story of getting the most out of your youth that can resonate with watchers of all ages. I hope the rest of the year has anime just as great as this one, but this one is already leading for AOTY.

Thanks to this episode, this Tuesday was happier than the last one lol

No more happy Tuesday after this.. Spring anime look intense..

Don't be sad that it's over, be happy that it happened. :')

Wow. For me, this show went from, "eh, I'll give it a shot." to being up in my top 5 favorite animes ever. I can't even really specify why--there was just something special about it. Something about the earnest, grounded adventure, and the wonderfully written characters just really captured me. Made me wonder what I've been doing with myself. And it's funny at all the right moments, and...... I'm just gushing at this point.
Such a good note to end it on--I was shocked that about the Megumi reveal, and I'm glad that she seems to have made a change like Kimari did. In the end, a fantastic ending to a fantastic show. Now, I'm off to shout at my roommates about Antarctica until I convince one of them to watch this masterpiece. I know it's still early, but AotY, and I won't change my mind about that.

I think it was the character writing that took it over the top, at least for me. It's so easy to screw up strong character writing, but I believed every action these girls took. They felt real, and their interactions felt real. It's an incredible piece of fiction, definitely one of the best I've seen

I totally agree, but I feel like it was even something more. The characters were written great, but there were moments without any dialogue that stick out in my mind even more. The "chase" scene from the second episode comes to mind.

That scene with them under the Auroura Australis was what finally made me cry. I can't even rate this show, it's to good to be rated.
Thank you to all that worked on it and all of you for talking about it, it's been an amazing 13 weeks watching this show.
Best wishes on your life's journey!

≫That scene with them under the Auroura Australis was what finally made me cry.
How the fuck did you survive the e-mail scene from episode 12 without crying? Are you human?

I honstly don't know how I did, but it brought me right up to the point of tears. I guess the fact that the last message her mum wanted to send her timed up with what she was seeing just hit me that little bit harder.

Not gonig to lie, I cried a little inside after this series' finale.

I cried a little outside too.

I don't say this to a lot of shows, but this is a freakin masterpiece! AOTY contender

Yeah, this show is a masterpiece in character writing.

Also a masterpiece in direction and cinematography. The background art especially was stellar throughout. Mad props to the animation staff involved.

I hope I wasn't the only one with the biggest smile throughout the entire episode. What a gorgeous masterpiece. I'm genuinely going to miss these goofballs.

Please don't tease us :(
They did promise each other that they'll be back. A season 2 would just be purely SoL without all the emotional baggage they used to carry. That still sounds good. I'll take it. Madhouse please.

I don't so. I think that is just the title of the episode and basically the theme.
Although a sequel would be fun, it's never going to live up to what we already have.

Yeah I don't want a S2... A big part of the show was the whole background they built up for it.... a purely SoL version wouldn't be close to as good as this.


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