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[Sora yori mo Tooi Basho] Episode 12 impressions [A Place Further than the Universe]

Episode 12
"A Place Further than the Universe"

Man you know shit gets serious when there's no opening or ending. And there wasn't even a little preview like we used to get at end of all the episodes prior to this one. But talking about this episode, that ending....oh boy. 'Twas such an emotional moment, seeing all those mails unread. Boy, am I sad now, and it will end by next week. I just hope everyone gets a happy conclusion next week

Inb4 we learn about Shirase's dad, the astronaut who failed to return from Mars...

And his book name was "A Place Further than Antarctica".

How dare you make me laugh just after watching that episode :(

A thought posited from /a/: Takako left her laptop back at the base, and went back to retrieve it, only to get lost in the blizzard. All so she could still read Shirase's emails.

I mean aren't there other computer that she could've logged into to check emails.

I think it was half that. The realizes she left her laptop but knows it would be suicide to cut back for it alone. But it distracts her and she isn't paying full attention to the storm and her team when the blizzard hits.

Shirase’s messages overloading her mom’s laptop was such an emotional moment. It was the only thing left of Takako and in a way Shirase’s messages finally reached her, but it also means that she has to move on from there, from her loss.
I'm happy that Shirase has friends to help her through this. They're there for her through all the good and tough times. This was also a beautiful moment

This was the last thing I expected to break me. I thought the whole time Shirase never finished composing her message but it turns out she has sent one probably every single day since her mom disappeared. That realization instantly broke me.

Was the laptop the thing that caused Takako's disappearance & death?
Gin suggested that Takako went out because she forgot something at the station they were setting up. And the laptop is something I would expect to be with her things, not left behind for her daughter & friends to find 3 years later. So maybe the reason Takako went out was because she wanted to retrieve her laptop, only to be caught in the blizzard, become lost, and ultimately perish?
I love it when an anime can move me to tears, and Shirase's moment with her mothers computer was definetely that. Kudos to Madhouse for delivering what may be the best single moment of anime this season, if not the year.

Oh shit! It probably is, isn't it?
That's just too sad if it it's the case... She would definitely want it coz it looks like that's how she was communicating with Shirase. But if that's what led to her death then....

With an email a day, 1101 emails puts it at just over 3 years of emails, which is about how long ago the accident was.

...That's assuming that it actually stops at 1101. If Shirase didn't think of her mails to Takako as a daily diary but more like an instant messenger, it could be way more than that.

If you look at the screen when she starts crying, you'll notice that it keeps updating. It's 1101+ mails

Yeah, and Shirase's emotions overflowing also broke me. I'm sure she doesn't know how to feel about it, and she can only cry and call out her mom's name.

For what it's worth I also felt like she had a very realistic reaction. She was immediately emotional but felt extremely overwhelmed at the same time. She didn't immediately burst out crying once she started either. That's what really crushed me.

The password of Takako’s computer and the amount of messages that Shirase sent was 1101 which is Shirase’s birthday Nov 1

Takako, If there is a life beyond this one and you are looking down on us all, then I just have to say you and I need to have a little talk about password security.

She probably though that being in Antarctica and all was security enough.
"No one can access your computer when they can even reach it, no matter how weak the password!"
And then someone did..

At least it's better than I expected. I was so sure the password would be "Shirase".

Imagine if the password was "password"

Compilation of Hinata's Quotes :
"If you can still turn back, it's not really a journey. When you hit the point of no return, that's the moment it becomes a journey."
"It's a thin line between self-assertion and selfishness."
"Never think the stars you see are all the stars there are."
"Sometimes, people are just mean. Don't fight mean with mean. Hold your head high."
“Keeping busy is the best way to speed the clock’s hands!”
“To act is not necessarily compassion. True compassion sometimes come from inaction!”

I'll eat anything! I'll puke anything!

Unlimited quote works here.
They are so beautiful and inspirational.

Hinata is my greatest source of motivation.

What an amazing ending. I thought the picture of Shirase on the laptop was going to be the saddest part of it all, but then she opens it and.... I'm not crying, you're crying.
Also, Kimari using a frozen banana as a hammer was funny as hell, despite the tone of the episode.
This show had better get some recognition. AotY or something; I can't imagine anything beating it out, at least for me.
EDIT: Apparently this wasn't even the last episode... Just pretend like the "amazing ending" I'm talking about was the ending of the episode. Still holds true.

It's not over yet, there's still 1 more episode.

Ah. I'm apparently an idiot. Thanks for the heads up, I won't say no to one more episode!

It felt final. If it had ended there, it'd still be one of the best I've seen, so don't feel bad. I wondered if I was remembering the episode count wrong after those credits.


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