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[Sora yori mo Tooi Basho] Episode 11 impressions [A Place Further than the Universe]

Episode 11
"Bash That Drum Can!"

Man, screw those girls and their hunger for fame leeching off Hinata, Shirase's intervention was so satisfying.
So now we have gotten our Yuzu episode and our Hinata one, wonder if we will get one for Kimari or if the episode where she fought with her friend is enough. Given how little time we have left and the fact that Shirase has yet to have her conclusion, I wouldn't hold my breath on any Kimari-centric episode.
Yu-kun worst girl.

They're heading off to where Takako died. It's gonna be a closure for Shirase.

Notice how the former club-mates didn't get any screentime in the final scene while our girls went in on them. I love it because it shows that the focus isn't on them. They don't matter. What matters are Hinata's friends, and Shirase, Kimari and Yuzu are some of the greatest friends you could ask for.

Great catch. I was thinking it was surprising they didn't show them, maybe get a catharsis shot of them realizing they were wrong and walking away, but that's a good take on why.

I'm not so sure they wanted fame. Unless the people back in Japan were going to be shown as part of the broadcast, I don't think they would have gained much.
It seemed to me like they were just guilty that they'd caused her to suddenly leave school, and this was the first chance they'd had to contact her. (Maybe they could have tried going to her house, but I doubt she would have let them in.)

So, instead of choosing a private means of contacting her and fixing things, they chose a way that would involve every other person watching the stream? It's been what, months, since she stopped going to school?

Kinda difficult to contact her when you are on her blocked list on her cellphone.

That's generally the whole point of blocking someone.

Hinata's been my favorite character since she first showed up, and I'm stoked that she got some great characterization--as someone who's been kicked to the curb like that before, I totally relate to her "go outside, kick stuff, and scream" scene.
Plus the final message was perfect, and one I should have learned long before I did--don't waste your time on the past, and people who mistreat you, even if they apologize; move forward with your life and find new, better friends.
10/10 as always, I'm going to be so bummed when this show ends.
EDIT: You know, thinking about it, Shirase had some amazing character moments this week, too! I love her ernest selfishness, and how protective of her friends she's become.

Yea I feel like many other shows have a friend telling their friend to confront their past and all is forgiven, but this is like "nah ain't got time for that, I'm chillin with my south pole girls and moving on."

I'm all for forgiveness, but going back to the people who hurt you just makes them feel better about themselves, and more often than not gives them another opportunity to do it again. Just avoid people like that, and hope that one day they realize that they're wrong to live that way. "Forgive, but never forget."

This message is really interesting if we compare this episode to episode 5 that was focused on Kimari and Megumi. Totally different way to deal with friend backstabbing you. So personally I don't think this show wants to present you one rightful way of thinking. It shows philosphies of different people and Kimari and Shirase are on the opposite side of the spectrum.

Does this really have to end so soon? It's one of the few shows that continues to exceed my expectations episode after episode. I gotta say, watching this friendship blossom has been something special.

I need season 2. let's go to the north pole next. or africa. or just hang out drinking tea and eating cake, I don't care. I just want more!!

Love how Shirase and Kimari spoke up for Hinata, especially Shirase trying her best to reach out to Hinata and help her. I love how their friendship matured

Voiced by the VAs of Nadeko and Tsukihi from the Monogatari series.. Glad they are continuing their friendship.. (although they were nowhere near as close in Monogatari)

Seeing Yuzuki happy and smiling warms my heart :)

Yu-kun finally called

This was the side story in this episode that I was actually worried which won't have a happy ending. Even side characters tell a happy story here!

Next episode Yu-kun actually called to break up because he met someone else.

Shirase best girl! It’s over folks pack it in.

I think Shirase is a key character in this story. She is the one who brings these girls together. She is the one who started the main goal. She is critical for this story and this team. If without her I don't think this adventure will happen at all.

Fascinating how for all its positivity this show has never let go of resentment as a driver – not the only driver for sure, but always in the background. It’s been there from the beginning for Shirase, along with grief and love.

If I were Hinata, I probably would've told them to fuck off as well. From my experience, people like them "apologize" not because they're genuinely affected by what they did, but because they either got caught and want to keep their image of being a good person or they want something else from you in exchange. Shirase was absolutely right in standing up for her friend. Her true friend, I might add.

They're only doing it because they found out that she went on this crazy adventure to Antarctica and want to be all buddy buddy now because let's be real that's fucking cool.
They're fame whores who wanted to be able to say they had the inside track with Hinata at school, while probably talking shit behind her back.

Side note, after last episode we can see Yuzuki probably understood what friendship is all about.
She said "That's friendship!"
It makes me happy~
This episode was really good and powerful, uncovering a bit of Hinata's past and why she left school.


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