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[Sora yori mo Tooi Basho] Episode 10 impressions [A Place Further Than The Universe]

Episode 10
"Partial Friendship"

A Place Further Than 10/10

I've been watching anime for a while and it's been many a seasons since I've been so attached to a show. Sora Yori is downright amazing and is definitely being pushed to my favourites list.

Kimari sleep talking was equal parts hilarious and terrifying
I once had a bunkmate who would, in his sleep, yell "FUCK!" and slam the metal cabinet next to his bed at like 2am.

I always thought that they didn't want to sleep near her because she snore, but that sleep talking sounds like is way worse than that.

People saying coherent and meaningful sentences while sleeping is incredibly weird.

Apparently I do that and trust me it's actually pretty scary (for me at least) cause many time people told me they could ask something and I would answer them like I was awake. I still have no idea what they asked and what I told them

Compilation of Hinata's Quotes :
"If you can still turn back, it's not really a journey. When you hit the point of no return, that's the moment it becomes a journey."
"It's a thin line between self-assertion and selfishness."
"Never think the stars you see are all the stars there are."
"Sometimes, people are just mean. Don't fight mean with mean. Hold your head high."
“Keeping busy is the best way to speed the clock’s hands!”

don't forget: "I'll eat anything! I'll puke anything!"

Find you a girl that looks at you like Shirase looks at penguins.

It's coming... coming...

Cue Slow Start OP

10 out of 10 episode's made me tear up like a baby. the cg shot of the ship was unreal. the jokes again on point. just let me buy the bluray already!

Glad someone else pointed out that shot of the ship, that was gorgeous and probably the best single CG shot in any anime I've watched. It's kinda funny how Madhouse nails the CG for this show every time but in Overlord 2 it mostly looks pretty bad.

It's a different challenge. Doing cg of an object like a ship is always going to be easier than something moving like a skeleton or lizard.

Probably my favourite episode so far. Made me think about my closest friends (and friends I haven't talked to for a while because we just drifted) and how friendship is in fact something very vague. And that insert song just hammered Kimari's points even harder. Yuzu's a good girl and seeing Kimari still texting Megu was sweet, Megu replying her was even better

This show just makes it so hard to choose the best episode and best girls. I really like episode 8 and 7 but after this episode, it has become even harder to decide. I'm sure I will be crying like a baby in the end.

Considering that she's a sheltered child actor and that she already had her trust ruined by her previous "friends", that Friendship Contract by Yuzu was pretty understandable. And as someone who has pretty bad anxiety, I can totally relate how she felt this entire episode.
I'm just happy that Yuzu finally found the kind of friends that she needs. Having someone like Kimari ease your worries helps too! Even though friendship is pretty hard to give an exact definition, we can look at these four girls and exactly tell that that's what friendship is. Also I can't believe this show. A simple Birthday scene made me tear up. Bravo Madhouse!
Interesting tidbit from the Post Credits Scene: Hinata is was a member of her school's Track Team? Something that she has never once mentioned before. Looks like we're getting a Hinata episode next week! Hyped!

It wasn’t directly said, but while they were packing for the trip, there was a focus on running shoes, episode 6 also showed her outside the door to a track club, listening in to the other members discussing something. There’s also her mentioning that she’s really good at running for short distances in episode 2

Sounds like a possible Hinata episode next

Aww, I really relate to that feeling of not being sure if you're really friends. It's a scary feeling when you think that maybe the people you hang out with don't like you as much as you like them. I remember once trying to bring this up with my friends when I was drunk and of course they tried to reassure me but I was so goddamn embarrassed about it for weeks. At least I was never so bad that I tried to make them sign a friendship contract though. I really loved this episode.

The most rediculous shit I've ever seen, lmao.
Poor girl

... I thought it was cute.


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