Monday, March 5, 2018

[Slow Start] Episode 9 impressions

Eoisode 9
"Gorilla in a Swimsuit"


Better fanservice than franxx.
Lucky bastards.. got to see Hannen-san's fresh lychee!

Is this called Pout Diving?

So much buoyancy control...

All hands we're at condition pout, prepare to dive.

fresh lychee, fresh lychee everywhere

OMG, Maaya(Hannen) has some great lungs, that scream was top.

Thank you. That scream is indeed amazing.

Her scream at the end was equally funny.

in my case probably :(

Poor Hiroe can't catch a break.
I love their random lewd conversations and inside jokes. Really helps make it feel like a group of friends talking and goofing off with each other. Tama-chan's random tangents, Kamuri's short comments.
Even in a heavy fanservice episode, it's still so adorable and comfy.

Anybody able to read this and tell me who the artist is? I love the style and usage of colour

Illustration: Ruroo
Looking them up, they're part of a doujinshi circle "GOTHICAL BLADE".

At first I was like "look at this, the mandatory beach episode" but to my surprise we ended up having swimsuits at home, that was genious!
I enjoyed it a lot more than I expected, lame pun incoming, but after a Slow Start, those last 3 episodes have been really good.

The massage scene just caught me off guard. I love this show. Great characters, good sense of comedy, and has some nice shots here and there.

Ahh fanservice, it's the saving grace of any middle-of-the-road slice of life show

You're calling this anime middle-of-the-road? Really?

I think linking this is appropriate for this episode, the bonus with the BD: Shion's boob mouse pad (I suppose the wrist-rest is 3d) and Tamate's "boob" cleaning cloth.
 Also this episode's sponsor credit img, Kamu's lychee

The freaking mouse pads, that Shion one would be great.

Beach episode HYPE! But no beach... at least we still got a lot of the girls in swimsuits!
Need more Sensei, though.

Sensei in swimsuit... Hmm...


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