Sunday, March 25, 2018

[Slow Start] Episode 12 impressions

Episode 12
"Starting Slow"

Going to miss this girls but most of all Eiko.
The finale had so many nice little things to make it fit for a finale. Heck just that parents scene was adorable! Sad no Hana reveal but they're friendship moments this ep were cute enough without it.
Seriously what a ship...their flirting is top tier level.
End Card was nice too

I need more Sensei x Eiko in my life. THE SHOW MUST GO ON!!!

So glad that the last episode didn't forget to give us a Eiko x Sensei scene ! Their ship is great. I'm just sad that we won't see it go further.

Don't give up! If we believe hard enough the ship will come true!

Show might be over. But Eikos harem will live on in our hearts forever

Sachi won't forget, that's for sure.

I'm hoping for a season two just for this side plot to be revealed in detail because unless I missed something this just happens because Eiko is popular but nothing is said about Sachi.

I really, really don't want this show to be over...
Solidly places in as my number two this season. I'm gonna really miss the cast. The way they interact and mesh with each other really struck a cord with me. Definitely will be coming back to watch this show later down the road, and that is high praise indeed for a seasonal SoL!

It's my number two for the season as well. If you liked this, I highly recommend BanG Dream (my current all time second favorite). Tama's voice actress is the keyboardist in that show, and the character interactions are very similar.

Ooh that's good to know! Bang has been on my PTW for a while but I haven't gotten around to it yet. Certainly bumps it up a bit!

Did Sensei just take the candy from her mouth and give it to Eiko? That's pretty hot ...

If by "give it to Eiko" you mean "stuff it inside Eiko's mouth", yes.

I want a second season so that Hana will tell her friends about her gap year, BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY so we can finally see Eiko and Sensei go to pound-town.

I want more!
Give me second season!

We'd better get a second season as soon as possible.
I will certainly be buying merch for this show.

"This is the start of my happiness..."
I love that closing line from Hana. It shows how different she is now compared to how this show started. She started out as a nervous wreck who did nothing but pity herself because of her gap year. But now, while she's still a bit unsure of herself, at least she no longer miserable thanks to the help of her friends.
Anyway this show was one of my favorites this season. While the plot is a bit simplistic to some people I found a lot of value in it especially on how they handled Hana's anxiety issues. The chemistry between our main girls is just lovely and the background characters aren't just your plain old background characters, they have their own stories and personality!
Also I know I've said this a lot before in these discussion threads but the character design and amount of attention to detail that's been given to this show is insane. And who knew that other than DitF, A-1's most well animated show of the season will be a Slice of Life show? I sure wasn't expecting that!
Overall this was a great watch for me. I'm definitely hoping for a Season 2! If not I'll just have to settle for the manga which I think is still on-going. This show gets my personal score of 9/10!

Kinda disappointed Hana never told her friends about her gap year.
At least we got a new Best girl x Sensei scene!
A 7/10 for me.

I'm disappointed in the lack of a confession as well, but it's not going to really color my view. Easily 9/10 for me. Not sure if I can say it beats Yuru Yuri as my top CGDCT, but we have 3 seasons of that, so second place is nothing to sneeze at.

Don't they already know though? I could swear, I remember Eiko saying that Shion told them about it, like two or three episodes ago. That's why I am confused why the show still makes a deal out of it (dream scene).

That was about Shion's gap year. (That she is not working right now)

Oh man, I didn't want this to end.
I had a blast with this show, the characters were so likeable, at least now there is the manga (which the translations are currently behind the anime, but there is an update every 2-3 days, I really recommend to pick it up).
8/10 from my part, one of my favorite series from this season.

Amazing that Hana ended the series and STILL haven't told her friends her secret.
This has been a fun and cute ride, there's good SoLs, and there's great SoLs.
With GochiUsa director Hashimoto Hiroyuki at the helm, his execution that balances cuteness with great character interactions and development, as well as a healthy dosage of yuri, has surely put Slow Start in the latter category.
If GochiUsa can get a second season and a cinema OVA, then Slow Start has promise for second season.

citrus has tainted me with teddy bear

Glad I dropped the show then. The memories of Cardcaptor Sakura's Teddies must never be soiled!

I'm gonna miss tama chan. She was just happiness itself for me.

I really enjoyed Kamuri's comments. Especially later in the season. She had this way of saying something in this cute voice, but it always got me smiling.
Like all the other girls were like "we are coming over" and Kamuri was like "i will invade your castle"
A great voice actor in my opinion.

My favorite anime of this season!


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