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[Slow Start] Episode 11 impressions

 Episode 11
"Tomato Festival"


Again Slow Start continues to show us that for some reason A-1 decided to be extra meticulous with the animation of this show. That Festival Scene was so detailed that I really just want to gush about it. Seriously! Not only each background character is unique, they even go out of their way to animate their mouth flaps! I like that there's continuity even in the background! An example would be when after Yamada and Kase walks away from Hana's group and later on we see them walking behind Shion and Hiroe. Only time I remember attention to detail like this is in another anime is during Hyouka's Festival Arc.
Anyway for this episode itself it's just nice to see the girls not only have fun but get a chance to interact with their other classmates outside the school. Oh and don't forget that moment between Eiko and Sensei! It was so good!
Besides those awesome visual details, I also appreciate short meaningful moments like this one.
That small jiggle - Hana didn't hold back on Tama's cooking!
Tama broke the 4th wall so much it scared me.
Loved how they did this <3
I don't think I've ever visibly recoiled from my screen so hard before as that moment, holy crap. Absolutely genius.
How is this anime 6.7???? HOW??? This is by far one of the best SOL CGDCT I've seen! A ton of unique characters who have unique interactions with eachother, which builds this fun immersion while watching. There's great animation and humor, plus the occasional fan service and shipping. The OP and ED are crazy catchy, It's a crime to have this show under a 7.
The problem is, first impressions would tell people that this may be just some SoL CGDCT moe blob anime, which it is, unfortunately. But as someone who actively seeks out anime like that, I would be able to see why this anime is great on its own and how much detail and care put into this. Personally, I have this show at 9.
I think it’s just as the name implies, Slow Start. The first 2 or 3 episodes were pretty slow and a bit boring at times, but once they established the characters and started introducing the side characters this show really grew on me quickly. The Eiko and Sensei relationship might have sealed this show as an 8 or a 9 for me alone, where as I almost dropped it after the first 2 episodes. Oh and Tama has just gotten better and better each episode too


My god the chemistry between these two is amazing.
Also reactions of Tama & Hana were great.

Just realized that the reason Tama turned around so suddenly was because of Tsubaki's glaring in the background. I think it was Tsubaki, I'm not 100% sure but it makes sense to me.
God I love how the side characters feel so established, even though they've only had like 2-3 scenes of interaction with the main cast.

are they just not gonna acknowledge it wtf

Tomatoes so good you turn into a catgirl, where can I find them.

Man this show is so good. Definitely earned it's spot as my most anticipated show of the week. Absolutely love Sensei. She just refuses to get dragged into Eiko's pace, and it's hilarious how she throws Eiko off so badly. This show is for sure getting a place in my favorites!

yeah, the only show I look forward to more than Slow Start is Ryuouu's Work. So much cute this season <3

Surprise! We're Non Non Biyori now. It was fun getting to see the area where Tama lives

It seems the girls enjoyed seeing it as well!

It's a pun. Wafu = japanese style, wahoo = wafuu.

Tama literally hammering the screen got me a bit startled at first, that was pretty awesome.

Just a reminder that the character song album is now out!
There are songs by each of the main characters; that includes Enami sensei, Shion and Hiroe!

Any translation of the lyrics for Enami's or Eiko's song?

I've only found Chinese translation of the lyrics so far. This retailer has the Japanese lyrics listed if someone wants to take a go at translating; I often find that character songs don't get translations unfortunately.

Great episode got a little bit of everything. Had "Yamada and Kase-san" show up though I thought the tall one said she was the manager and not a runner. Teach one ups Eiko again. Yuri grandmas and landlord and former neet pairing up. I like how she just so casually fixes her yukata when it came open at the top.
I really want this to get a 2nd season as heard some really good things happen later on. Sadly though these kinds of shows rarely do get them.


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