Sunday, March 11, 2018

[Slow Start] Episode 10 impressions

Episode 10
"The Shark's Cousin"

It's funny out of all the shows this season this is the one I look forward to the most. I'm not sure what that say about me..

Nothing really wrong with that. This and Ryouu’s Work are my top 2 shows this season.

Add Grancrest Senki to that list and you've got my top 3 this season.

eh, grancrest has been kinda boring the past few weeks imo. Meanwhlie Toji no Miko gets better each week.

crest seems like a complete mess to me. Toji I dropped after like the 2nd ror third episode. I just couldn't seem to get int it.

Toji no Miko has a subpar beginning but throws in a lot of interesting plot revelations each week. It's 2 cour so they probably didn't want to rush the opening (although IMO they should've at least a little bit). The CG is also decent and the fights are pretty well choreographed too.

Always the best when she shows up. I love the little things Eiko does, like instead of grabbing the crepe she just goes straight for the bite.
Sensei's reaction to saying the same thing as Eiko was great too <3

These were truly words of wisdom.

For an instant, I thought for sure she was going to say that even if they give the same advice, there is no connection between them. I was already starting to wonder when she upped her tsundere game...

I love how they even animated her wiggling her little shark tail while she was having her heart to heart talk with Shion <3
Also it looks like Hana is no longer afraid of being made fun of about her gap year but instead she's now afraid that her relationships might change. I totally understand Hana's worry right there.
The thing is Tama-chan, Kamu, and Eiko are all good people. Her worry isn't them suddenly turning against her just because she has a gap year. She worries because if they ever find out, the girls might start being too considerate around her. And that's the worst thing you can do to someone with anxiety issues. As someone who has bad anxiety I don't want people walking on eggshells just for my sake. It makes me feel like I'm being a burden. I want them to act normal. Her problem may seem dumb at first glance but it's a very legit fear.

That pajamas looks uncomfortable as heck to sleep in.

Being cute > Sleeping comfortably

Loved the shark pyjamas, they looked so ridiculous. Yet I think they were even cuter than Kuina in Hinako Note.
Lots of Shion though, which is always good, especially that orange and black dress. Though she mentioned a 'sorrow' in her past, did they say what that was earlier, because that threw me a little.


Yohane-sama approves of Shion's choice in pajamas!

... why is there so many shark pajamas ?

Because sharks are endangered.

Hiroe should learn to make her own fashion decisions already lol. Though it’s nice Hana is getting some development too. I’m assuming Hana will make the reveal next episode, and episode 12 will end things off with pure wholesome SoL shenanigans.
Also long haired Hana is pretty cute too.

That shark pajama! I loved Hana's interactions with Eiko, sensei, and especially Shion at the end, this anime is really growing on me.

0/10 not enough tama this episode

But what about the healthy dose of Tama-kuma ?

that was cute, ok 7/10...still need more tama


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