Monday, March 5, 2018

[Ryuuou no Oshigoto] Episode 9 impressions [The Ryuo's Work is Never Done!]

Episode 9
"August First" 

Yashajin Ai was so cute that I almost forgot all the preceding scary moments with Ika.

so much tsun in her, it's adorable.

Tsun plus fang equals win!

You know, i'm not going to deny the otaku loli pandering or how they literally don't even attempt to go beyond the name of the shogi strategy they were using, just like how you can write a thesis on the symbolism of butt controls in DitF (but let's be real here one of the old Gainax dogs is just a man of culture) but the story really is great with actual development and multiple characters at a time and the feels are quite real.
So will I recommend loliking as an entry level anime, no; but once you've been molded by the anime world it really is a heartfelt story (about a genius teenager getting betrothed a genius grade-schooler and the various love interests this genius attracts because you know, he's super yashashi or whatever)

My copies finally came last week so I managed to catch up on the LN's since the show has piqued my interest in them
It's clear what they prioritised for the adaptation, lolis namely the heartfelt story behind the shogi
That being said the LN's do go significantly more in depth into the shogi and I'm essentially a novice at it so plenty of it goes over my head, but I can see why it very lauded for the shogi since it's pretty damn accurate
As far as adaptations go I'd say it's pretty good and they made the right decision in placing the shogi in the background given the episode count
Definitely a highly recommendable show to those already in the pool

It took me 9 episodes to said this. I actually like this anime more than I thought. They have done good job potraying characters' feeling (especially frustration).
They also managed to make shogi look interesting enough to persuade me to try shogi.
I can't wait for my local publisher to release Ryuuou LN.

Agree, those 9 year olds episodes had been pretty entertaining so far.

I knew I'd enjoy it from the start of the season because I loved Tenshi no 3P and Prisma Illya. I just find these kinds of Loli shennanigans so ridiculously hilarious. But this show quickly became my AOTS. It managed to do the Loli jokes without also including highly questionable camera angles, and really does a great job not just with the set up of the jokes, but also keeping the cute moments wholesome. Like the loli massage, Ai trying to hold his hand, Chars kiss from last episode.
Damn, I really hope this gets a dub. I'd definitely rewatch it, but with Funimation not simuldubbing it, and it not being an Aniplex or Sentai show, the chances of that are so low.

Those faces are pretty much Kakegurui level x)

Reminds me of Magane from Re:Creators.

Reminds me of Magane from Re:Creators.

I don't know how she can have such a scary face but cute voice mannerisms.

That was very sweet at the end. I loved that.

I feel bad for ginko, Ai beating Ika who she had thought a better player, it seems Yaichi disciples might soon surpass her.
I'm not really sure how this story is supposed to go but I'm hoping Yaichi defeats the Meijin considering we probably wont get a season 2 for while and the books aren't translated.
Also Yaichi tearing up at the end was so sweet.

Also the title will stop making sense if the Ryuo is no longer the Ryuo.

Just needs to switch characters.
Yaichi settles down with his loli's and we switch to the new Ryuo instead.

I want Ane-deshi to crush me under her feet.

yes please.

So i really thought that things are going for a Ginko arc.... but it won't sigh but oh well we'll get the ultimate matchup Meijin vs Ryuo

I don't know... Three episodes left, and the Ryuo match should be next week. This is not Dragon Ball, I can't see them spending 2.5 episodes on a single match.


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