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[Ryuuou no Oshigoto] Episode 12 impressions [The Ryuo's Work is Never Done!]

Episode 12
"The Final Judgment"

Don't let the Warriors blowing a 3-1 lead in the 2016 nba finals distract you from the fact that the Meijin blew a 3-0 lead.
It actually happened RL during the 2008 Ryuuou finals, when Akira Watanabe overcame a 3-0 deficit to beat Habu Yoshiharu 4-3

Even more interesting is that the Meijin's appearance is based on that of the real Habu himself, who last held the Meijin title in 2015.

Thats so cool to reference his pose as well! I hope the man himself watches this anime, that’ll be interesting to get his commentary here!

Ai's ahoge was in combat mode today.
I'll miss this girl.

That was one of the best ahoge I’ve ever seen.

It's cute, but TBH I think Nyarko-san had the best ahoge of all time. It was a sentient piece of her personality like no other.


Keika’s ara ara was my highpoint for the episode, as was Ai calling Ginko a homewrecker that was amusing.

Ai calling Ginko a homewrecker was one of the best jokes of this show. I had to try not to lmao at that.

≫Keika’s ara ara was my highpoint for the episode
And also when Yaichi started to remember Keika's speech.
Keika is best girl, and she is a true heroine.

Well that was a fun ride! I just wished that I knew more about Shogi to appreciate the Shogi part of the show. maybe I'll grab the LN since I heard from LN readers that the Yaichi does a better job of explaining the game in the LN compared to the anime.
Also the author himself stated that while he understand that things had to be trimmed and simplified for the adaptation, it left him disappointed considering the amount of work he did to write the story. Knowing that, I'll just assume that there's a scene in the LN where Yaichi apologizes to Ginko but they had to cut it down due to time constraints. LN readers please feel free to correct me on this one.
Overall though I enjoyed the show! Project No.9 did a good job of being consistent with the show's production. And just like last season's Tenshi no 3P, it's definitely a show that's a lot better than everyone expected it to be! I understand that the loli pandering of the first few episodes will be a turn off to some people but to those who stick with it will definitely have a good time. This one is an 8/10 for me.

I imagine that’s how most LN authors feel unless they get funded for 2 cours.

Honestly, I can understand why he's so disappointed. I really liked the anime, enough that I picked up the LN... And goddamn, I can't look at the Anime the same again.
The LN are really, REALLY good. Easily among the best LN I've ever read and you can absolutely feel the devotion and time he's put into them. It's so far above stuff like an Isekai story written by the seat of his pants, it's insane thinking about them being sold and advertised side by side.
Yaichi absolutely pulls you into the shogi world, to the point you feel like you're reading someone's memoir's. It's not just the shogi explanations, it's everything, it's the anecdotes, the way the characters talk, think and feel, the way they behave and treat each other. It always comes back to Shogi. It's a shame Yaichi's kind'a a bit of a milquetoast MC even there, because the LN is really worth checking out.

Yaichi never apologized to Ginko. Booooo.

I’m just assuming it was done off-screen >.>

Why would he apologize to the girl that physically assaults him all the time? She even tried to trip him while he was on the way to his match.

Ignoring the fact that she immediately tried to smarten his appearance up, Because when she tried to genuinely help him, he flipped out due to pressure and said the worst things possible to her when she actually really came through for him at his lowest point

And he even said he needed to apologize, but never got around to it.

To be fair, she also did said the worst thing possible to him at that time

I don't see why it's so hard to see the maybe both of them messed up. Conversation about this always seems to be one side or the other, when it's in fact both.
Yaichi certainly acted like a right jerk to her and had no excuse to yell at her like that, but not only did it not give her the right to punch him in the face (while wearing glasses nonetheless), but she just waltzes into the apartment, marches into his room like she owns the place and starts pestering him. I have a hard time seeing her as the only victim here.

Last episode, sadness, Yaichi pulled through so we got that

So in the end Ai-chan is victorious over the great Ginko. Truly an unexpected turn of events. Loli's win again.
I wish we would've gotten some more screen time for Ginko... he never did apologize to her. The end scene with everyone together (even shark girl) was nice. Good show, 9/10 for the cuteness.
Edit: I'd like to make a quick statement. Ai-chan clearly best girl and Ginko never stood a chance... no seriously, she never stood a chance. Her screentime was reduced to side-character despite being labeled a main character.

Ai is best girl? lol, Keika is laughing her tits off

And Akira pouts ? Sure, she's mostly cute, but cute is justice.

I knew I was choosing the losing side when I chose Ginko, and I still like her the best. Just sad that they didn't even get an apology scene so they can move forward together without that hanging over them.

Excuse me, Char-chan was clearly best girl of the anime even with the limited screen time

Char-chan's cuteness levels were too far off the charts to be considered fair competition for the rest of the cast. Besides, she's already going to marry Yaichi. I think that's a pretty big win already.

My mondays are gonna be sadder now that Loli Shogi has ended. Is the last arc the same with LN? Or did they change/cut a lot of content?

Only 2 LN volumes are officially translated.


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