Tuesday, March 20, 2018

[Ryuuou no Oshigoto] Episode 11 impressions [The Ryuo's Work is Never Done!]

Episode 11
"Best Wishes"

Finally Yaichi treated Ai-chan the right way!

Yay no more Loli-abuse! Ai deserves hugs and head pats instead.

Wow Keika showed why she's best girl. She finally reached female professional status 3rd Kyu rank, by the way she has to reach the rank of 2nd Kyu in two years or else she loses her professional status. But also she was the only one who actually got through Yaichi, even though everyone tried to help she knew nothing would work so she knew that he had to be left alone and instead left him a message through her shogi match. Now we know why Yaichi considers her his only love lol.
One more episode left, I'm going to miss this show, I've been having so much fun with it. Kind of happy to see that Ai's mom is so proud of her daughter. Also it was nice to see the master-disciple reunion. Ai's ahoge was on point this whole episode.

She knows him best~ Gotta speck through the board or he won't even notice u exist.

I hope there will be a season 2.

Being Ginko fan is suffering.

Being (a childhood friend) fan is suffering.

TFW the dickhead burnt tons of bridges, then went back to apologise to everyone except for you.
Yaichi doesn't deserve his harem.

He knows who gets to be in his harem. Must be under 4 feet to enter.

Good to see they sorted everything out except ginko may trow a few more punches at him. The ending was hilarious the president basically arranging the whole thing to get excellent accommodation. Genius move. Having his parents and brother there and all the other friends makes it look so much like a wedding so funny. Keika becoming pro was brilliant she's been one of my favs real hard work becoming a pro. The mejin even smiling everyone so happy it was so funny such a quick turn around. From a child passing out to I'm a female pro now master no escaping now. That was a big turn around.

I liked that satisfied smile of Ai when signing the document.

She knew what was going on haha best smile.

I was waiting for a sticker on the document to fall and reveal that it is actually a marriage form.

The fight between Ginko and Yaichi really made me sad, she wore her heart on her sleeve and Yaichi lashed his anxieties on her. Ginko may have talked sense into him in a kinder way, though, she didn't understand what was important for him.
When Keika went against the Eternal Queen I was sure it was just going to crown the sadness the anime had been for since the last episode. Keika would lose, she would cry a lot and we would end up with the climax next episode with Yaichi having a heartfelt conversation and finally winning. Turns out we got that conversation here. Keika winning is likely the happiest I've been throughout this season.
Poor Meijin got dragged into Ai's mom's shenanigans.

Keika the real MVP of this episode. Perhaps even the whole anime, really. It's been something else to see her background, her struggles and finally her (few years delayed) success in the midst of all these Shogi aliens...and at a pivotal moment, too!

She manages to get by on her own and support Yaichi at the same time, which is commendable. Although she did have a "low" pass a few episodes ago (with Ginko), but overall she's been the most supportive character in the show.

I've always liked Yashajin Ai since her debut, which the fondness just grew with each episode, but this episode made that spike.
Dark Ai is such a thoughtful tsundere ;__;
And despite also being part of Yaichi's harem she gives way for Light Ai. What a good girl ;__; Why can't we have more love triangles this civil and wholesome in anime.

If Her Flag Breaks had lots of that, if anyone is interested. Warning though, the pacing is insanely fast (still good imo)

Yashajin Ai is great!
She needs more recognition.

Alright... Painful 1st half aside, does anyone else feel that Ai-Chan totally took advantage of her master's emotional distress to snag him? My poor Char-chan has been absent for 3 weeks now and Ai took advantage to take her hubby! Poor Char... Poor Ryuuou... His Loli Harem took a beating...

If episode 12 is not a Char episode, we riot.

Damn, I miss all the loli shenanigans.

Man, I love that scene.

Keika best cake! So guess the Meijin isn’t his father, wondering why the face obscuring then. Good to see Ai rebound and happy.

May be he's resembles some one from the shogi world and they may not have permission to use there likeness. I remember there was some trouble with hikaru no go over the likeness of a korean pro I think.

Am I the only one who doesnt side with Ginko here? Not only did she told him that the title he spent so much effort to earn is meaningless, and make a barebone confession out of it at the worst possible time.She also PUNCHED HIM IN THE FACE. Like sure, word hurts ,but that doesn't mean punching a person WEARING GLASSES is acceptable. In my eye she's the bigger asshole. I understand if Yaichi doesn't have any feelings for her, considering how she treated him throughout this entire series...

Yeah, Ginko is pretty and all, but she's the type of girl you wouldn't really want to be in a relationship with. IDK. She seems too much to handle.

I ship Yaichi and Keika anyways.


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