Monday, March 12, 2018

[Ryuuou no Oshigoto] Episode 10 impressions [The Ryuo's Work ]

Episode 10
"Spinning Dragon"

Yaichi lost it and Ai died. The end...
At least someone has his priorities straight!

Which reminds me, did Keika become a pro by winning a match last episode?

No. If she wins the next round or two, she will be a provisional pro though.

How can you say no to this?!

Cus it's over 10 years old?

I only like single digits
– Nicchi-senpai

The grew up as siblings. It'd be pretty weird.
Dare I say, probably weirder than having a loli student wanting to marry you, cause you can at least dismiss them for being children.

In order to win the match, Yaichi only needs to embrace the fact that he's a lolicon. Once he realizes this, the true path to Shogi victory will become clear to him. BUT WILL HE FIGURE THIS OUT IN TIME!? WILL AI-CHAN DIE BEFORE HE REALIZES THAT HE LOVES LITTLE GIRLS?! I don't know... Light novel readers help me please.

he already lost when he didn't kiss Ginko smh

well he is the loli king

True signs that he's on the right path towards reconnecting with his loli harem. The kiss clearly threw him off his game which is why he is in the pickle he's in.
Next episode will have Ginko telling him that he has to embrace his loli-king status and she'll give up her love for him so he can become a Shogi/Loli-King

This episode was a bit too heavy for my taste.
At least there were some cute moments at the very beginning.

Yeah but the contrast hurts as well.

The contrast with all the previous episodes hurts.
I'll rather try to forget about the last part of this episode or I won't sleep well this week.

Well that went from sunshine and beaches to dreariness real quick, Poor Hinatsuru.

The downfall for Yaichi and Hinatsuru were handled very well. I cannot wait for these two to make their potential comeback next episode. I have a feeling the last two episodes will be very worth the watch.

Well you can't blame the guy, if he lose we have to change the anime's title

"Ryou's work is done!" Maybe?

Just make the Meijin the new MC.

Yeah, maybe he is not the kind of guy who abandons a cute loli just because a couple of lost matches.

That redhead basically bullied a little girl into having a panic attack over a game of shogi . . . well that's one less candidate on the best girl list.

Was she ever even on that list to begin with? Seriously, the only thing we know about her is that Ginko completely dominated and humiliated her to vent her frustrations regarding Yaichi earlier in the series.

Look Ginko, shooting stars!

Actually I feel like Yaichi was much more of a dick about it than Hiro was, since you can't really blame Hiro for being so dense when A: they grew up in a place where they were never thought the first thing about relationships/emotions, B: Ichigo didn't clearly go in for a kiss and C: Ichigo had already sibling zoned herself a few episodes earlier.

All because he didn't kiss Ginko-chan. LUL


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