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[Ramen Daisuki Koizumi-san] Episode 12 impressions [Ms. Koizumi Loves Ramen Noodles]

Episode 12


For some reason I really enjoyed this show and I always looked forward to Thursday’s because of it. Altogether it wrapped up nicely! I’m sure gonna miss Yuu’s craziness for Koizumi now that it’s over!
There's that Happy Sugar Life show coming later this year. Definitely gonna have to watch that to get my Yuri Yandere fix.
It's finally done. I couldn't bring myself to drop this all season (did pay off with the yandere moments), but I have no idea why I finished it. At least I learned a bit about ramen and somewhat enjoyed the show when Yuu wasn't in it.
I took note of ramen places so when I visit Japan again, I'll have to try them out
I kept watching to see if I might acquire a fetish for noodle slurping by the end. Never happened.
Unpopular opinion but I actually loved Yuu. Shes funny and is just a girl with a crush. Shes also a really nice person too. Shes made me laugh countless times. I think shes pretty adoreable. Breaks my heart everytime shes rejected. But i completely understand why people wouldnt like her.
I feel the same as you. I think it would have been fine as a 5 or 10 minutes show though.
The current length is perfect if you want to slurp along at a comfortable pace. You can't finish a bowl of ramen in 5-10 minutes.
The funny thing is, it never felt like 20 minutes if you were eating during the episodes. But otherwise I totally get
This was a fun and silly show that I’ve actually grown to love a lot! I’m discovering that I think I like yandere characters? Obviously not someone you want to know but usually funny! I think that was the perfect call here. And I mainly love how this show could really be about anything as long as ramen was present. How this one girl affected and impressed so many people and she doesn’t even know! Good stuff.
What’s the story about the manga and whatnot? Ongoing? A hope for another season in the future?
Ok, I legit laughed when Koizumi texted Yuu "no".
Also, did Koizumi have a "crygasm" at the end?
Also, also, I think ultimately, yes, Yuu was creepy as fuck. But Koizumi isn't normal either. Not by a long shot.
This is not a face a normal person makes while eating ramen. She looks psychotic in that shot.
Well, artist did draw yandere manga.
Koizumi's the enlightened ramen eater.
≫Ok, I legit laughed when Koizumi texted Yuu "no".
It was hilarious watching Yuu get overjoyed getting a text from Koizumi

≫Also, did Koizumi have a "crygasm" at the end?
Top 10 Anime Reunions. Sadder episode than Episode 12 of Yorimoi

≫Also, also, I think ultimately, yes, Yuu was creepy as fuck. But Koizumi isn't normal either. Not by a long shot.
Yuu going full Yandere was definitely the right call. She was getting kinda annoying as just a nosy stalker, but it was hilarious how they played up her Yandere side, especially in contrast to how the other two girls just effortlessly become semi friends with Koizumi and get her email.
Unpopular opinion, but I enjoyed how annoying, obsessive and obnoxious Yuu is towards Koizumi lol. She made the anime worth watching for me. On the other hand, I wasn't really feeling Koizumi, although I do enjoy that one-sided relationship she and Yuu shared throughout. I didn't care too much about Misa, Jun, and all of the different types of ramen, but it was still nice to learn about each ramen, their cultural backgrounds, and the types of ingredients used to enhance their flavors. Overall, it's a decent 6/10 anime.
Same Yuu is best girl. If only Koizumi had a change of heart or some sort of character development...

That would be cliche as hell though, and would totally go against the show's main running gag: every time you'd expect Koizumi to mellow down and reciprocate Yuu's feelings, her hopes would be dashed once again with a terse "No, thanks." And then Yuu taking that as a sign to come on even stronger next time.
Also, contrary to popular belief, not every show needs character developement to be good.

So it's finally end. I do enjoy this show and it's cool to see a different variety of ramen.
Misa is the best girl for me and I wish she get more screentime with Koizumi. Yui has an okay moment but her yandere tendency kind of annoy me and her stalking Koizumi is never okay no matter how cute it is.

Its over...
Poor Yuu. She will never be good enough cuz Koizumi wiill never see her as ramen.
This was fun, and a great show to a great season.

Yuu crying she’s lost, while standing beside Nana-Chan. Nana-Chan is right outside Nagoya station. She’s like Nagoya’s Hachikō. She also changes clothes every so often.
That silver clock is also a meeting point. It’s by one of the Shinkansen gates.
Of course, if it’s in Nagoya, and we’re talking about ramen, it’s got to be Nagoya’s Taiwan ramen. Taiwan ramen especially the super spicy one is really spicy - had a hard time eating it, and I’m fairly confident with my spice tolerance. Anyway, if I am in Nagoya, I’d probably go for Yamachan’s chicken and red miso foodstuff to be honest...

Winter 2018 is ending my dudes. This was a good season.

Im going to miss Misa and the eyecatches

This was fun show to watch in the morning alongside Yuru Camp on thursdays.


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