Sunday, March 11, 2018

[Ramen Daisuki Koizumi-san] Episode 10 impressions [Ms. Koizumi Loves Ramen Noodles]

Episode 10
"Ramen With Unknown Flavor"
"Running Ramen"
"Accepting Challenges!!"

I made a gif of Koizumi dancing in a bowl.

This reminded me of the same dance move in the OP for Shomin Sample.

I swear the manga of this show will end with Yuu tying up Koizumi in her bedroom and force feeding her with her own homemade ramen.

If the Mangaka doesn't, I'm sure the doujin writers will, if they haven't already.

Nothing yet I'm afraid. This show has a really low MAL score and I can't seem to understand why.

Even as someone who does like this show, i think it's pretty understandable why it's score is so low. There's not a whole lot to the show in reality. It's still okay to like and enjoy it though.

With you on this. I'm enjoying it, but if we're being honest, I'm really mostly here for the ramen, and that's not exactly a solid base to build a show on.

That got real Doki Doki there for a minute.
Just Yuu.

this needs to be a phrase now. When things in anime go south, call it 'going Doki Doki'

""Koizumi-san, I endowed your chopsticks with my scent!"

Was it just me, or was the first Ra-ra-ra-ramen in a minor key this time? Would be fitting for the yandere sequence.

I noticed that too (though I didn't know it was because it was a minor). That was definitely intentional.

The song leading into it was different as well. Definitely fitting for that segment.

Reasons I'm watching this show:
1% great OP and upbeat pop music
1% beautifully animated ramen and ramen eating
1% educational facts about ramen
1% funny, likable characters
1% cute designs of all the main cast
95% la la la ramen daisuki koizumi-san

Literally unwatchable!!!

I mean, if I was a super cute anime girl, I'd be taking pictures of myself.

Misa is a miracle of the universe but I doubt even her has the ability to instantly change her clothers

Aww, a photo of Yuu and Koizumi-san staring lovingly into each other's ey... wait a sec.
That brother never knew how close he came to death that day.

I know I'm in the minority but I gotta say I'm still enjoying Yuu's antics, especially after a couple of episodes without them. I know a lot of you find it creepy and stuff but whatever. Koizumi-san's dull personality depends on other characters to be enjoyable and to me Yuu does the best job at that. It's just so fun watching her never give up and keep getting rejected.

My only problem with Yuu's antics is when they're boring. When the extent of her character is "Koizumi please take me!". Going hardcore yandere like this is a great choice and I found it hilarious.

Yeah, her getting "worse" through time is the reason it's not yet getting old for me.

I loved the changes on the first eyecatch thing.
Yuu's deep love part was pretty great too.
I'm tempted to make clips of all of they eyecatches since the song is so catchy

Creepy stalker yandere starting.

Totally. The pictures on the wall gave it a nice serial killer vibe too.

Personally I love Yuu and amping the creepiness up to an 11 definitely seems like the best choice!
How far along is the manga? Think a season 2 is one day in our future? Because I’m seriously loving this show!


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